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More than 15 owner manuals and operating instructions in PDF for free download for Audi Q3.

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The workshop manuals for the Audi Q3 is an excellent and professional combination of precise technical data. The pages of these manuals for your attention in English are literally all the information regarding this car. At the same time, the entire text is accompanied by drawings, explanations, tables, technical characteristics of components and assemblies, diagrams and much more.

This Audi Q3 owners manual contains valuable information about the Audi Q3, such as an overview of the machine design, safety rules for application work, important tips for drivers, and so on. There is an illustrated operating manual for the Audi Q3, which will tell you how to use the car in different conditions and what to avoid. Also, separate chapters provide important information on how to independently carry out maintenance of the crossover, how to take care of the main components and assemblies for preventive purposes, how to monitor the car in the winter season, and especially with severe frosts.

In this manual, you are presented with all the wiring diagrams of the Audi Q3, knowledge and use of these data will allow you to correctly diagnose emerging malfunctions, as well as prevent them in time or, if desired, improve the “electrics” of the crossover. Thanks to this manual, you can independently diagnose and repair the car. Thanks to the presence of diagrams, photographs, technical specifications and detailed step-by-step descriptions, even a beginner will be able to deal with the car and restore its work, at least in ordinary situations requiring repair. For a professional, the repair section will become the most important “cheat sheet” for expedient and effective actions.

Audi Q3

Audi Q3 – a compact SUV from the German automaker from Ingolstadt, manufactured since 2011.

The first generation 8U

The car is built on the PQ35 platform, which is used in many VAG cars: Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen Golf 6, Audi A3 2 and others.

The base version of the Q3 with a 140-horsepower diesel engine has front-wheel drive, other modifications are equipped with an updated all-wheel drive Quattro transmission based on the Haldex clutch. Gearboxes: six-speed “mechanics”, six- and seven-speed “robot”, and in North America there was another two-liter two-hundred-horsepower version with the classic six-speed “automatic” Aisin.

At the Geneva Motor Show in March 2013, a powerful Audi RS Q3 with a 2.5 TFSI engine with a capacity of 310 r / c /, and later 340 hp. At the top of the range is the RS Q3 performance with 367 hp. and 465 Nm, capable of gaining the first hundred from scratch in 4.4 seconds.

The car is equipped with gasoline engines with 170 and 211 hp. (Acceleration to 100 km / h – 6.9 s) and diesel units with a capacity of 140 and 177 horsepower.

Second generation F3

The second generation of the Audi Q3 crossover has moved from the old PQ35 platform to the modular MQB (suspension: McPherson front and four-link rear). The appearance has also changed significantly: Mark Licht gave the model an aggressive awkward exterior with a view not so much on the Q2 or Q5, but on the flagship Q8.

The length of the model is 4485 (+97 mm compared to its predecessor), width – 1856 (+25 mm), height – 1,585 (-5 mm), wheelbase – 2680 (+77). The diameter of the wheels, depending on the configuration – 17 or 18 inches, as an option – 20.

At the start of sales, the Germans prepared for the “third” three gasoline and one diesel four-cylinder engines, the output of which varies from 150 to 230 hp, and they are combined with a six-speed “mechanics” or a seven-speed “robot” S tronic. The drive can be front or all-wheel drive. As an option, we offer a system of changing driving modes with six programs (Auto, Comfort, Dynamic, Off-Road, Efficiency and Individual), which affect the response of the accelerator pedal, power steering, transmission and optional adaptive suspension. Alternatively, you can order a stiffer sports suspension (standard with the S line package), which comes with a steering wheel with progressive characteristics.

Audi has reduced the number of configurations for the Q3 in the 2021 model year. The Premium version has disappeared from the line. All its functions remain available for the two current configurations Premium and Premium Plus.

Audi Q3 Owners Manuals PDF

Audi Q3

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