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More than 20 owners manuals and operating instructions for Audi A7/S7 for free download PDF.

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Audi A7

The AUDI A7  (body code 4G) is a five-door fastback of the Gran Turismo class produced by Audi AG, on the  Audi A6 platform, positioned in the segment below the Audi A 8. Its main competitors are the Mercedes-Benz CLS and BMW 6 Gran Coupe.

The Federal Motor Transport Authority of Germany positions the A 7 in the upper segment of the middle class. The premiere of this model took place in July 2010 at the Munich Pinakothek for Contemporary Art. The sports versions of the AUDI A 7 are the S 7 and RS 7. The A7 offers a head-up display as an option for the first time, allowing navigation recommendations to be projected onto the windshield. Alternatively, a 6.5-inch display is installed in the front panel to display such information.

Cars AUDI A 7 / S 7 are equipped with petrol 6-cylinder V-engines with direct petrol injection: 2.8 liters. FSI – 204 HP – front-wheel drive model, equipped with a continuously variable automatic transmission multitronic; 3.0 l. TFSI – 300 HP all-wheel drive model equipped with a dual-clutch transmission S tronic and 4.0 liters. TFSI – (S 7) – 420 HP 4-wheel drive model, V-8 engine with direct petrol injection and diesel engine: 3.0 liters. TDI DPF – 204 HP front-wheel drive model and – 245 hp all-wheel drive model.

In order to familiarize yourself with your chosen car AUDI A 7 / S 7 in more detail, you need the appropriate documentation, which very accurately describes both the design of the car and the operation of all systems, diagnostics and repairs, plus an extended description of additional equipment.

Audi A7 Owner's Manual

Audi A7 S Line 50 TDi Quattro 3.0

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