Fiat Linea Owner’s Workshop Manuals PDF

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Fiat Linea (since 2007) with gasoline and diesel engines: owner’s, repair and maintenance manuals, wiring diagrams, operating instructions in PDF free download.

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To be always quick to climb, not to be afraid of any roads and speeds, and most importantly – to always feel confident that your favorite car will not let its owner down under any circumstances – this is probably the most important thing that should take place in the life of a real motorist. And everything is possible if you are sitting behind the wheel of the unrivalled Fiat Linea – a beautiful, reliable and powerful car. Of course, any car enthusiast knows that the technique must be used correctly, while observing a strict schedule of maintenance work, and if the car needs repairs, then all work must be competent and timely. But so that the driver does not get confused and spend a minimum of money, time and effort on his duties in relation to the car, this Fiat Linea repair manual was created.

Such a manual will help not only an enterprising car owner, but also a car service worker who would like to replenish his knowledge and skills, improving his performance. The manual presents the models of these cars, produced since 2007 and equipped with gasoline and diesel engines: 1.4, 1.3D hp. All issues related to the rules of operation, maintenance, diagnostics and repair of equipment were considered.

The maintenance manual for Fiat Linea turned out to be quite voluminous, but just enough to fit all the necessary information, both for the driver and for the specialist. An accessible form of presentation of new data in the manual allows even a beginner to practice, while not losing a professional approach to automotive topics. In addition, this repair manual for Fiat Linea contains hundreds of clear drawings and photographs, as well as all the necessary explanations to them, so that even difficult provisions of the main text are clarified due to their clarity.

This Fiat Linea service manual also contains safety information that should be learned by anyone who intends to interfere with the vehicle in one way or another. The first part of the manual also contains a detailed overview of the Fiat Linea device with additional descriptions of all its units, components and systems – their location, work purpose, technical characteristics and rules for managing them. This section is supplemented by detailed operating instructions for Fiat Linea, which will certainly be useful and will help the driver avoid gross mistakes on the road or in the garage, and will also reveal the full potential of the technology. The following chapter provides detailed illustrated descriptions of preventive maintenance procedures for the vehicle. These works will help the motorist to protect himself and other road users from unforeseen situations on the road.

Fiat Linea background information

Fiat Linea is a car model of the Italian car manufacturer Fiat, which was developed in cooperation with the Turkish company Tofas. At 4.56 meters long, the Linea has reached the size of a lower-middle-class sedan, but it is based on the elongated platform of a small Grande Punto car.

The four-door sedan was first introduced in Istanbul at the Motor Show in November 2006 and is manufactured in Bursa (Turkey). The design of the car is developed by the Fiat design center on the basis of Grande Punto. The volume of the trunk is 500 liters, and with the rear seats folded – 1175 liters.

In 2012, Linea was upgraded. The old model is still offered under the name Linea Classic.

The Linea model is endowed with a rather interesting appearance, which is explained by the fact that the hatchback was based on a Fiat Grand Punto hatchback. Interesting features of the exterior are: a short sloping hood, which is combined with a strongly inclined windshield, as well as small triangular windows on the front door. The front of the car is equipped with elongated halogen headlights. The radiator grille is rectangular, with rounded corners and decorated with chrome. Dimensions of Fiat are equal: length – 4559 mm, width – 1730 mm, height – 1494 mm, wheelbase – 2604 mm. The line is equipped with 15-inch wheels.

Fiat Linea Owner's Workshop Manuals PDF

Fiat Linea

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