Infiniti J30 Owner’s Workshop Manuals PDF

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Infiniti J30 owner’s, service, repair and maintenance manuals PDF, electrical wiring diagrams, scheduled maintenance, operating instructions free download

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Title File Size Download Links
Infiniti J30 1993 – 1997 – fuse box and wiring diagram.jpg 217.3kb Download
Infiniti J30 1993 – 1997 fuse box diagram [PDF] 106.6kb Download
Infiniti J30 1994 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 12.4Mb Download
Infiniti J30 1994-1997 Service & Repair Manual [PDF] 75.6kb Download
Infiniti J30 1996 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 2.3Mb Download
Infiniti J30 1997 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 2.4Mb Download

Infiniti J30 background information

The Infiniti J30 was a luxury rear-wheel drive made by Infiniti. Production of the J30 began on April 7, 1992, as a 1993 model to replace the M30 coupé. The J30 was introduced in the United States at the same time as its worst competitor, the Lexus GS. The car ranked in the Infinit range between the G20 and Infiniti Q45, Infinit’s first mid-size sedan. It was quite compact and had an unusually round shape as a luxury car. Unlike previous Infiniti models, the J30 was marketed through an extensive advertising campaign. The car had the same 3.0-liter VG30DE V6 engine as the Nissan 300ZX. It produced 210 horsepower and 260 newton meters of torque. The J30 was a renamed version of the Nissan Leopard sold in Japan, available with both the VG30DE and VH41DE V8 engines.

The J30 was manufactured in Tochig, Japan. Production of the J30 ceased on 18 June 1997 and was replaced by the I30 introduced in 1996.

One of the downsides of the J30 was its small interior. It was a medium-sized car with small car spaces (Smaller than the Nissan Centra) due to its curved roofline and low cargo space.

Infiniti J30 Owner's Maintenance Manual

Infiniti J30

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