Infiniti QX80 Owner’s Workshop Manuals PDF

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Infiniti QX80 owner’s, service, repair and maintenance manuals PDF, electrical wiring diagrams, scheduled maintenance, operating instructions free download

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Infiniti QX80 background information

Infiniti QX80 is a rear- or all-wheel drive SUV of the K3 class. The second restyling of the first generation of the model introduced to the market with the index QX56. The world premiere of the car took place on November 14, 2017 at the Dubai International Motor Show.

The top management of the Infiniti brand received a critical amount of feedback about the “brutality” of the appearance of the previous model, so the current Infiniti QX80 was made more restrained (but there were no radical changes), moreover, they gave similarities with the overall design of the brand’s line of models (it is enough to compare even with the “distant” coupe Infiniti Q60). It was possible to get away from the design in the style of American tractors by moving the headlights (now narrower) higher, as well as by expanding the hood. In addition, the entire lower part of the front bumper – with an air intake zone and foglights – received a different relief (deeper and at the same time with smoothed planes). On the “stern” – a modified form of lanterns with a distinct pattern. And the chrome trim, which previously hung only over the license plate, now unites the lights. An interesting feature is that the direction indicators have moved down to the bumper. All the optics of the car are diode.

In the cabin, the differences are minimal. With the naked eye, changes are visible in the seats (a diamond-shaped relief has appeared), door upholstery (in the same style); the design of the gearshift lever has changed. In addition, the optional Theater Package, which offers second-row passengers headrest screens, two sets of high-quality headsets, heated seats and power folding seats, has been upgraded to 8 inches. Otherwise, there are no global differences: the car, as before, is designed for 7 passengers (the second row has two “captain’s” chairs), but for an extra charge, the middle row can be a sofa that folds in the ratio 60/40.

Infiniti QX80 can be ordered in two versions: rear or all-wheel drive. Apart from the transmission, these options will differ little, and the most “interesting” options are available for both only for a surcharge. This is the Driver Assistance Package, which, in addition to the basic set of electronic assistants, also adds a blind spot warning system, a marking tracking system, adaptive cruise control with emergency braking, and a pedestrian recognition system. And the most expensive Deluxe Technology Package includes the Hydraulic Body Motion Control System (instead of conventional stabilizers, there are hydraulic cylinders on each shock absorber connected to each other using fluid lines), a rear-view mirror, where instead of reflection there is a picture from the camera ( moreover, the image quality will not depend on weather conditions, because the camera is located behind the rear window cleaned by the wiper), a Bose Cabin Surround stereo system with 15 speakers and adaptive head light.

The power plant – gasoline aspirated V8 – remained unchanged. It still puts out 405 hp. from. and 560 Nm of torque. Paired with him is a non-alternative seven-speed “automatic”. On all-wheel drive versions, the driver can manually select between automatic torque distribution, 4H or 4L modes.

Infiniti QX80 Owner's Workshop Manuals PDF

Infiniti QX80

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