BMW X3 (E83) 2003-2010 Owners Workshop Manual, Wiring Diagrams, Operating Instructions

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BMW X3 (E83) with petrol and diesel engines from 2003 to 2010: workshop repair and maintenance manual, wiring diagrams, diagnostic trouble codes DTC, operating instructions free download.

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BMW E83 Service Repair Manuals

Title File Size Download Links
BMW E83 XDrive DSC [PDF] 1.3Mb Download
BMW X3 E83 2007 Engine Cooling System [PDF] 7.9Mb Download
BMW X3 E83 2007 ENGINE PERFORMANCE Diagnostic Trouble Codes – MSV80 Engine Operating System [PDF] 4.1Mb Download
BMW X3 E83 Diagnostic Trouble Codes [PDF] 233.6kb Download
Title File Size Download Links
Accessories & Equipment [PDF] 9.8Mb Download
ACCESSORIES AND EQUIPMENT Accessories Control System – Repair Instructions – X3 [PDF] 4.5Mb Download
ACCESSORIES AND EQUIPMENT Lighting – Repair Instructions – X3 [PDF] 1.6Mb Download
Basic Engine Measuring Techniques [PDF] 27.5Mb Download
Body & Frame [PDF] 9.8Mb Download
BRAKES Brakes – Operating Fluids [PDF] 2Mb Download
Driveline & Axles [PDF] 1.2Mb Download
DTC Index (Trouble Codes) [PDF] 651.5kb Download
Electrical Component Locations [PDF] 7.5Mb Download
ELECTRONIC POWER STEERING Overview – X3 (E83) [PDF] 2.3Mb Download
ENGINE Cooling System – Operating Fluids [PDF] 7.9Mb Download
ENGINE PERFORMANCE Diagnostic Trouble Codes – MSV80 Engine Operating System [PDF] 4.1Mb Download
GENERAL INFORMATION Air Bag Deactivation Procedures – BMW [PDF] 599.6kb Download
HVAC Air Conditioning & Heating Systems – Repair Instructions – X3 [PDF] 1.9Mb Download
MAINTENANCE Maintenance & OE General Information – X3 [PDF] 2.3Mb Download
SUSPENSION Front Axle – Special Tools – X3 [PDF] 6.5Mb Download
TRANSMISSION Automatic Transmission – Operating Fluids [PDF] 19.9Mb Download

BMW E83 Owners Manual PDF

Title File Size Download Links
BMW X3 (E83) Operating and User manuals [RAR] 36Mb Download
BMW X3 2.5i 2004 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 4.3Mb Download
BMW X3 2.5i 2005 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 5.3Mb Download
BMW X3 2.5i 2006 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 9.1Mb Download
BMW X3 3.0i 2004 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 4.3Mb Download
BMW X3 3.0i 2005 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 5.3Mb Download
BMW X3 3.0i 2006 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 9.1Mb Download
BMW X3 3.0i 2007 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 5.5Mb Download
BMW X3 3.0si 2007 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 5.5Mb Download
BMW X3 3.0si 2008 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 4.1Mb Download
BMW X3 30i xDrive 2009 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 5.7Mb Download
BMW X3 Xdrive30i 2009 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 5.7Mb Download

This compact crossover of German origin belongs to the luxury class and certainly deserves a quality separate book, such as the proposed manual. Barely having time to appear in free sale, this car has won a lot of enthusiastic reviews from motorists around the world. By 2010, about 600,000 copies of the BMW X 3 had been sold. Indeed, the car meets even the highest demands, being easy to operate, powerful and solid, not to mention the concise but memorable design. Of course, this car must be surrounded by the attention of its owner. So, BMW X3 (E83) repair manual, operation and maintenance of cars of this brand, should become a daily assistant to any driver who wishes to avoid mistakes in the course of the use of a car, accurately carry out all preventive inspections and checks, and also to is engaged in diagnostics and elimination. problems, if any, during the journey. The manual will also benefit car service workers, as it reveals the solutions of any repair tasks. The manual presents models of 2003-2010, equipped with gasoline engines with a displacement of 2.0; 2.5; 3.0 litres., As well as 2.0 diesel engines; 3.0 litres.

The manual, despite the solid volume, contains the most popular information, without which it is difficult to do in practice, as a driver of any level of training, and a specialist. Thanks to the accessible language of the manual, which is successfully combined with a scientific approach to automotive topics, this guide for repairing WWII X 3 will help to replenish the stock of theoretical and applied knowledge to a wide range of users from beginners to avid motorists.

The manual gives a detailed and clear analysis of the external and internal device of the car with a description of the location, functionality and technical characteristics of all major units, components, systems and devices of this crossover. In addition, the manual contains complete operating instructions for the BMW X3 (E83), which is always a problem to get if the car was, for example, brought from abroad. The information on maintenance of the car is allocated in the separate thematic block – all necessary checks are considered, their schedule is specified and the list of the necessary tools and materials is given.

Here is a little history about BMW X3

The first-generation BMW X3 with the BMW E83 index, based on the fourth generation of the BMW 3 Series (E46), has been produced since 2004 at the Magna Steyr plant in Graz (Austria). It is equipped with an all-wheel-drive xDrive transmission, as in the BMW X5 model and a range of petrol and diesel engines with a volume of 2.0 to 3.0 litres, developing power from 150 to 231 hp.

In 2006, the crossover was upgraded. The shape of the bumpers has changed, as well as the taillights. The model received a new 286-horsepower diesel 3.0 and two gasoline engines 2.5 (218 hp) and 3.0 (272 hp). The Bavarians redesigned the interior of the car, lining it with new materials and flavouring it with veneer inserts.

BMW X3 (E83) Owners Workshop Manuals PDF

BMW X3 (E83)

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