BMW 5 Series (E34) 1987-1995 – repair and maintenance manual, wiring diagrams, operating instructions

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BMW 5 Series (E34) from 1987 to 1995 – workshop, repair and maintenance manual, wiring diagrams, operating instructions and owner manuals in PDF free download.

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Manual for the repair, maintenance and operation of BMW 5 series cars (models 518i, 520i, 525i, 530i, 535i, 524td, 525td, 525tds) Limousine / Touring, 1987-1995, with gasoline and diesel engines.

Gasoline engines:

  • 518i 1.8 l / 83 kW (113 hp) 01.93–08.94
  • 518i 1.8 L / 85 kW (115 PS) from 09.94
  • 520i 2.0 l / 95 kW (129 hp) 09.87–04.90
  • 520i 2.0 l / 110 kW (150 PS) from 05.90
  • 525i 2.5 l / 125 kW (170 hp) 09.87-04 / 90
  • 525i 2.5 l / 141 kW (192 hp) from 05.90
  • 530i 3.0 l / 138 kW (188 hp) 09.87–08.90
  • 535i 3.5 l / 155 kW (211 hp) 09.87–08.92

Diesel engines:

  • 524td 2.4 l / 85 kW (115 hp) 09.87–08.90
  • 525td 2.5 l / 85 kW (115 hp) from 04.93
  • 525tds 2.5 l / 105 kW (143 hp) from 09.90

The repair manual contains the information necessary for the repair of all components and assemblies of the car: engine, fuel system, exhaust system, clutch, gearbox, steering, braking system, tires and tires, body, electrical equipment, accessories.

The manual contains over 600 illustrations, recommendations for maintenance, fault tables, wiring diagrams (schematics) BMW 5 series.

The book is intended for owners of BMW cars of the fifth series, service station workers and car services.

Here is a little history about BMW E34

The BMW E34 is the factory designation of the third-generation BMW 5 Series, which officially bore the indexes from “518” to “540” and was manufactured from 1987 to 1996. The successor to the BMW E34 in 1995 was the more modern BMW E39 with a more modern design and new technologies.

In January 1988, the company began production of the E34 family. The body became more streamlined, there were vertical turning indicators, fog lights under the bumper (wheelbase 2760 mm, length 4720, width 1750, height 1410 mm; track front 1465, rear – 1485 mm). The cars of the new family became a milestone in the history of the company: excellent quality of assembly, processing, driving comfort due to excellent chassis settings, exemplary heating and ventilation systems, impeccable interior performance, high dynamic performance, stable straight run, efficient brakes, high level of active and passive safety. – Everything speaks of the high level of designers who have made BMW one of the world leaders. Sedans of the 5th series (E34 body) in terms of build quality and comfort can be put on a par with the luxurious BMW 7 Series.

The spacious interior is more focused on the comfort of the driver: a black panel, glowing in the dark with orange backlight, deployed in his direction, five electric driver’s seats, a spacious seat in the front seats, as well as excellent ergonomics of the controls – all the necessary levers and levers the levers, are where you expect, and the “bagel” both in shape and in the possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination itself is requested.

Excellent visibility, moderately soft and silent suspension does not cause passengers any discomfort with any road quality. Silence while driving is a trademark of BMW cars. Silent, even with heavy use, interior trim (except that the leather of the seats creaks slightly), the engine sounds muffled even at high revs. Luggage compartment with a volume of 460 litres, in the lid of which is neatly placed a fairly complete set of tools – for many in those years, such complete staffing came as a surprise. But all other additions (except, of course, ABS from Bosch and airbags for the driver) are offered only in options. The power steering develops full power when manoeuvring, and with increasing speed reduces its action to increase the accuracy of feedback. The brakes are simply exemplary – with powerful deceleration, perfect information, soft and accurate ABS works.

The top model – sedan M5 with an engine capacity of 3.5 litres (315 hp) and increased to 90 litres of the fuel tank – appeared in January 1989 and immediately gained popularity among fans of “blow with the wind” ». Equipped with a five-speed manual transmission, anti-skid system and 235/45 ZR17 front and 255/40 ZR17 rear tires, it has become the most dynamic in its class (acceleration to 100 in 6.3 s, top speed limited – 250 km / h). In April 1992, this engine was replaced by a more powerful 3.8-litre 327-horsepower, and a month later it appeared 340-horsepower version. As standard, all cars are equipped with brake boosters.

In May 1990, the production of 520i and 525i sedans with 24-valve cylinder heads began, which allowed to “shoot” 150 and 192 hp. October 1991 marked the appearance of the first in the history of the family of “five” all-wheel-drive modification 525iX with a 2.5-litre engine (192 hp). It has become even more “active safe” than its rear-wheel-drive relatives: it is stable and not only susceptible to skidding, but also abrupt skidding of wheels on dry asphalt (thanks to the anti-skid system), and even more, so does not allow the car to get into a puddle on the road.

BMW E34 Service Repair Manuals

BMW E34 M5

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