Toyota Curren Owner’s and Maintenance Manual PDF

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Toyota Curren (1994-1998) with gasoline engines: instruction manual, operating, owner’s and maintenance manual in PDF free download

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Toyota Curren 1993 Owner’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 413.3Mb Download

Operation and maintenance manual for Toyota Curren vehicles.

Have you bought a stylish Toyota Curren sedan? A wonderful choice! The impressive design, rather spacious, comfortable interior, combined with quality and reliability, are increasingly attracting motorists. But it requires knowledge of the basics of operation and maintenance. In view of this, the instruction manual will come in handy. It presents in the most detailed way the device of the car, its quality characteristics, features of operation, both right-hand drive and left-hand drive models, as well as the care of Toyota Kurren. A separate section is dedicated to your safety.

Describes driving in adverse weather conditions such as rain.

The owner’s manual will introduce you in detail to the Toyota Curren design. It describes gasoline engines with a displacement of 1.5; 1.8 and 2.0.

The description of automatic and mechanical transmissions, WTL-gas distribution system is given. And also sign the power supply, steering, cooling systems. Lubrication, suspension, air conditioning, charging, chassis systems. From the presented manual you will learn how to use the self-diagnosis systems of the brake system, automatic transmission, engine, anti-lock – ABS, airbags – SRS.

The maintenance manual specifies all the required maintenance procedures, how to perform them, and in what sequence. In it you will find recommendations for changing engine oil or tires, how to prepare your swallow for driving in winter, how to check a car or electrical equipment, and much more. For this, wiring diagrams are presented in the manual. By entrusting your Toyota Curren to the service workers, you can be sure that your handsome man will be serviced at the highest level, because service workers will understand that you are well versed in maintenance issues, and will not offer you unnecessary procedures.

Every owner of Toyota Curren feels the need for a manual. it provides detailed, reliable information about this model, which will answer you any question about the Toyota Curren.

Toyota Curren background information

Toyota Curren is a Japanese car manufactured by Toyota. The car platform was Toyota T200. The interior repeats the Toyota Celica coupe of 1994-1998. Instead of the four round headlights on the Celica, the Curren has rectangular headlights.


For 1994 Toyota Curren was produced in two models ST206 and ST207. The ST206 came in four different trim levels: FS, XS, ZS and ZS Sport Selection. The FS and XS models were powered by a 140hp 3S-FE engine, while the ZS were powered by 170-180hp 3S-GE engines. The ZS Sport Selection also had a limited-slip differential and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The ST207 was equipped with an XS Touring Selection, a 3S-FE engine and a four-wheel steering system.

In 1995, the XS and ZS S packages appeared, which included a rear spoiler, rear wiper, alloy wheels, and a 10 hp engine. A new model, ST208, has been introduced as the base model in the lineup. It had TS and TS Private Selection trim levels, which included a rear wiper and rear spoiler. Both models were equipped with a 125-horsepower 1.8-liter 4S-FE engine.


In 1996, the Toyota Curren changed before. The changes included a new front bumper, silver front direction indicators, and a redesigned front grille. In addition, the taillights were redesigned to show a darker shade and crisp turn signals.

In 1997, the last model ST207 with a four-wheel steering system was released. The rest of the models did not change until production ceased in 1998.

Toyota Curren Service Repair Manuals

Toyota Curren

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