Volvo S40 Repair Manual

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Operation, maintenance and repair manual, wiring diagrams for Volvo S40 and V40 cars 1996 – 2015, equipped with petrol engines (including turbocharged and GDI) with a working volume of 1.6 (1588 cm3), 1.8 (1731, 1783 and 1834 cm3), 1, 9 (1855 cm3) and 2.0 liters. (1948 cm3), including special, low-volume versions and modification T4.

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Title File Size Download Link
1996-2004 Volvo S40/V40 Service and Repair Manual [en].rar 57.6Mb Download
2000 Volvo S40 Owner’s Manual [en].pdf 2.8Mb Download
2001 Volvo S40 Owner’s Manual [en].pdf 2.7Mb Download
2003 Volvo S40/V40 Wiring Diagrams manual [en].pdf 6.4Mb Download
2004 Volvo S40 (04-), V50 Electrical Wiring Diagram (TP 3974202).rar 20.4Mb Download
2004 Volvo S40 Owner’s Manual [en].pdf 5Mb Download
2004-2007 Volvo S40 Service and Repair Manual [ru].rar 122.7Mb Download
2005 Volvo S40 (04-), V50 Wiring Diagram Supplement (TP 3984202).rar 13.3Mb Download
2005 Volvo S40, V50 Wiring Diagram [en].pdf 30.2Mb Download
2006 Volvo S40 (04-), V50 Wiring Diagram (TP 3990202).rar 22.3Mb Download
2007 Volvo S40 (04-)-V50-C70 (06-) Wiring Diagram (TP 3999202).rar 27.1Mb Download
2011 Volvo S40 Owner’s Manual [en].pdf 6.7Mb Download
2014-2015 Volvo V40 Cross Country Owner’s Manual [ru].rar 23.6Mb Download
Volvo S40 Owner’s Manual [en].pdf 8.1Mb Download
Volvo S40 Replacement Interval Guide [en].pdf 349.2kb Download

The purpose of this repair manual is to help the owner to use the full potential of the car. First of all, you will be able to understand which of the units of the car requires maintenance or repair, as well as evaluate the possibility of doing this on your own. This manual also provides a complete list of procedures for periodic ongoing maintenance. The most common faults and ways to detect and eliminate them are also given. We hope that you will be able to solve many of the problems that arise. Performing some procedures takes so little time that it is easier to do it yourself than to sign up for a service station, drive a car back and then pick it up. This way you can save not only your time, but also money.

This service repair manual provides detailed illustrated descriptions of the various components and mechanisms of the car. All maintenance and repair procedures are described step by step and illustrated.

Volvo S40 repair manual

Volvo S40

Contents of Volvo S40 Service and Repair manuals:

  • Routine maintenance – simple weekly checks;
  • Maintenance – complete step by step instructions;
  • Troubleshooting is a simple solution to specific problems;
  • Brake system – control and repair;
  • Power system – some explanations;
  • Engine – adjustment, repair;
  • Electrical equipment – diagnostics and repair;
  • Color electrical wiring diagrams – easy search for items;
  • Recommendations for use;
  • Detailed links – quick search for details.

The second-generation Volvo S40 sedan stood on the factory conveyor in the Belgian Ghent in 2004. The version with the station wagon received an index V50. The car was created on a common platform with second generation Ford Focus and first generation Mazda 3 models.

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