BMW 7 Series (E32) Owners Workshop Manual, Wiring Diagrams, Repair Manuals PDF

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BMW 7 Series (E32) from 1986 to 1994: Owners Workshop Manual, Wiring Diagrams & Repair Manuals PDF. Download more than 40 manuals.

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Here is a little history about BMW 7-Series E32

In 1986, BMW introduced the second generation of the 7-Series, on the E32 chassis. The car has received some of the latest developments in automotive, and a new top-of-the-line V12 engine. Options included a built-in telephone and fax, beverage cooler, double glazing, heated door locks and windshield washer nozzles, an electronic stabilization system, and a system that automatically increased the degree of pressure of the “wipers” to the windshield to hold them well even on high speed. Incidentally, the E32 was the first BMW to receive a speed limit of 250 km / h.

The cars were also available in an extended version (denoted by the letter ‘L’ after the model number), which provided 10 centimetres more legroom for the rear passengers.

The BMW 750iL Highline was the top model in the E32 line, with rear passengers upholstered in leather interior, radio control, dual climate control, electrically adjustable and heated seats, and walnut folding tables. The car had a second battery in the trunk and a second generator to power many options. The ‘Highline’ option package cost around € 10,000, and was only available for the 750iL, which with full “stuffing” cost twice as much as the base 730i.

BMW engines

Several different gasoline engines were available for the E32.

The car was introduced in versions 730 and 735, which used an in-line “six” M30, while the 750 was equipped with a completely new engine M70 V12, 300 hp (296 hp in the US). In 1992, a new 32-valve V8 M60 engine was introduced. The 730i received a 3-litre version, and the new 740i received a 4-litre version.  Many engines have been replaced under warranty. BMW sold the 730 with the M30 engine in Europe until 1994 when the new E38 platform was introduced.

Externally, BMW’s “nostrils” indicated which engine was under the hood: all 6-cylinder models had narrow “nostrils”, and all 8 and 12-cylinder had an expanded size. This feature did not pass on to subsequent generations (E38 used wide “nostrils” for all models)

BMW E32 Service Repair Manuals PDF

BMW E32 (730i)

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