Scion FR-S Owner’s, Service and Repair Manuals PDF

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Scion FR-S owner’s, service, repair and maintenance manuals PDF, electrical wiring diagrams, scheduled maintenance, operating instructions free download

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Scion FR-S background information

The Scion FR-S coupe, intended for the US and Canadian markets, is a replica of the Toyota GT 86 / Subaru BRZ.

The rear-wheel drive car is equipped with a 2.0-liter boxer engine with a capacity of 200 liters. With. Transmission – six-speed, manual or automatic.

Scion FR-S has been produced since 2012 in Japan.

In comparison with the already familiar FT-86 II, the “American” got its own appearance: with not so pronounced elements characteristic of external tuning, but no less aggressive. Scion FR-S got its own front bumper and massive radiator grill, got new LED optics. The vents behind the wheel arches have disappeared in the front fenders, and the rear wing on the trunk lid has been removed. The rear optics have been changed, and the bumper has acquired a more than massive diffuser. When viewed in profile, it is easy to notice the new shape of the sills and moldings around the wheel arches, as well as the new side mirrors.

At the rear, there is also a noticeable change in the shape of the roof, which falls over the rear window – this has made the car even more individual, the developers say.

The differences between the Scion FR-S and the Toyota FT-86 II are purely external. Under the hood is the same Subaru 4-cylinder 2.0-liter boxer gasoline engine, modified to fit Toyota’s direct fuel injection system.

Scion FR-S Workshop Repair Manuals PDF

Scion FR-S

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