Hyundai Solaris Repair Manual

This manual describes the operation and repair of a Hyundai Solaris car manufactured since 2011 (+ restyled 2014). The Hyundai Solaris Repair Manual describes car repair with gasoline engines of 1.4, 1.6 litres.

Hyundai Santa Fe Service manuals

More than 85 Hyundai Santa Fe Service manuals for free download on this page. There are too much wiring diagrams, workshop manuals, owner’s manuals and repair manuals.

Hyundai H-100 / Grace / Porter Repair Manuals

Service repair manuals for the repair, operation and maintenance of a Hyundai H100, Porter, Grace vehicle equipped with diesel engines D4BX (2.5 l.), D4BA (2.5 l.), D4BF (2.5 l. Turbocharged) and gasoline engine G4CS (2.4 litres).

Hyundai H-1 Repair Manuals

More than 75 manuals for Hyundai H-1 / Hyundai Starex / Hyundai Grand Starex free download on this page, including: wiring diagrams, shop  / workshop manuals, service manual and wiring diagrams

Hyundai Getz Workshop Manuals

Hyundai Getz Repair Manual, as well as the operation, maintenance  manuals for Hyundai Getz since 2002, as well as a restyled version of 2005. The model is equipped with gasoline engines G4HD (1.1 liters), G4EA (1.3 liters), G4EE (1.4 liters) and G4ED (1.6 liters).

Hyundai Galloper Service Manual

This manual describes the operation and repair of the Hyundai Galloper I / Hyundai Galloper II. The Hyundai Galloper service manual describes repairs with gasoline and diesel engines D4BX / D4BF / D4BH / G6AT / D4BA with a volume of 2.4, 3.0 and 2.5D liters with a capacity of 80, 85, 105 and 161 kW.

Hyundai Coupe workshop manual

More than 30 Hyundai Coupe workshop manuals for free download. Operation and maintenance manual for Hyundai Coupe cars. These guides are a detailed operation, repair and maintenance manuals for the Hyundai Coupe.

Hyundai County repair manuals

The Hyundai County repair manual contains many high-quality illustrations detailing the entire process of step-by-step repair of Hyundai County, including engine repair, full technical specifications of the car, lists of possible malfunctions and recommendations for their elimination, the mating sizes of the main parts of the bus and the maximum limits of their allowable wear.

Hyundai Atos Repair Manuals

More than 7 Hyundai Atos repair manuals for free download. There are also workshop manuals (with wiring diagrams), owner’s manuals and body repair manuals on this page.

Hyundai Aero bus repair manual

The original factory manual in Russian contains information about bus repair, operation and construction of Hyundai Aero Town 2001-2006 years of release. The manual is intended for owners of the Hyundai Aero Town bus, mechanics, service station personnel and repair shops.

Hyundai Engine Repair Manuals

More than 15 Hyundai engine manuals are on this page. The Hyundai engine repair manuals contains all the necessary information that will help the owner to understand the device of the car, teach competent car care, timely maintenance and proper repair.

Lexus Owner’s Manuals PDF

More than 100 Lexus Owner’s Manuals  for CT200H, ES250, ES300, ES300H, ES350, GS F, GS200T, GS250, GS300, GS300h, GS350, GS350, GS430 GS450h, GS460, GS460, GX470, GX470, HS250H, I250, IS F, IS200d, IS200t, IS220d, IS250C IS300 IS300, IS300h, IS350, IS350C, LC500, LC500h, LFA, LS400, LS430, LS460, LS500, LS500h, LS600 Hybrid, LS600H, LX450, LX450d LX470, LX570, NX, NX200, NX200t NX300,… Read More »

Lexus Repair Manuals

More than 120 Lexus Repair Manuals free download on this page, including: service manuals, workshop manuals, wiring diagrams.

Peugeot Partner repair manual

There are more than 50 Peugeot Partner manuals for free download on this page, including: owners manuals and repair manuals (with wiring diagrams).

Peugeot Expert Repair manual

Guide to repair, operation and maintenance, design features of Peugeot Expert cars 1998-2007 release equipped with diesel engines with a working volume of 1.9, 2.0 liters.