Toyota Hilux 5th generation (N80, N90, N100, N110; 1988–1997) Service Repair Manuals PDF

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Toyota Hilux 5th generation 1988-1997 (N80, N90, N100, N110) with gasoline and diesel engines – repair, owner’s and maintenance manuals, wiring diagrams, operating instructions PDF free download

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Toyota Hilux 5th generation Owner’s and Maintenance Manuals

Title File Size Download Links
Toyota Hilux 1997 Hands-Free Car Kit THF 10, 20, 30 Installation Instructions [PDF] 6Mb Download
Toyota Hilux 1997 Hands-Free Car Kit THF RHD THF 10, 20, 30 Installation Instructions [PDF] 6Mb Download
Toyota Hilux 1997 Performance Kit D-4D Installation Instructions [PDF] 1.2Mb Download
Toyota Hilux 1997 Towing hitch 2 hole 4×4 with rear step bumper Installation Instructions [PDF] 517.6kb Download
Toyota Hilux 1997 Towing hitch, 4WD Installation Instructions [PDF] 749.1kb Download
Toyota Hilux Surf 1993 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 61.3Mb Download
Toyota Hilux Surf 4WD 1993 Owners Manual [PDF] 6.2Mb Download
Toyota HILUX SURF 4WD Owner’s Manual [PDF] 6.6Mb Download

Toyota Hilux 5th generation Service and Repair Manuals

Title File Size Download Links
Toyota Hilux (1993) fuse box diagram [PDF] 253.4kb Download
Toyota HILUX 1993 Service & Repair Manual [PDF] 38.4Mb Download
Toyota Hilux Pickup 1989 – 1995 Service Manual with 22R-E, 3VZ-E [ZIP] 22.2Mb Download
Toyota Hilux Surf 1988-1999 Service Manual [RAR] 117.8Mb Download
Toyota Hilux Surf Maint Schedule [PDF] 187kb Download
Toyota Hilux / Hilux Surf 1988-1999 Service Repair Manual (with diesel engines 2L, 3L, 2l-T, 2L-TE, 1KZ-T, 1KZ-TE) rus [ZIP] 119.4Mb Download

The classic mid-size SUV impresses with its solidity, imposing appearance, all sorts of technical features and ease of operation. Every lover of good cars will tell you right away that this Toyota belongs to those cars that are time-tested and do not let their owner down in any conditions, be it a steep bend or a faulty road. Of course, in order for an SUV to work with full dedication, its owner needs to be aware of the basic principles of its use, maintenance, and repair. To do this, it is not necessary to seek advice from the masters, it is enough to have a service manual with you.

Repair manuals for Toyota Hilux 5th generation, Hilux Surf are specially designed to provide an accessible and accurate coverage of all topics related to the operation, maintenance, diagnostics and repair of these vehicles. They were published in the period from 1988 to 1997, these models are equipped with gasoline engines 3VZ-E (volume 3.0 liters), 3Y (volume 2.0 liters) and 3Y-E (volume 2.0 liters). Steering is provided for both left-hand and right-hand.

This Toyota Hilux repair manual includes comprehensive reference data, instructions, helpful tips and advice from experienced Japanese SUV technicians. Hundreds of three-dimensional drawings show the order of actions in the process of various works with the car, so the manual is very easy to use in practice in a garage workshop, car service or even in the open air. The appendices to the manuals contain information such as the conjugate sizes of parts and the degree of their allowable wear, a list of the necessary lubricants, and much more. But before that, at the beginning of the manual, the reader will be able to familiarize himself with the design of the SUV, as well as find out what the Toyota Hilux operating manual recommends, because successful communication with your favorite car largely depends on this. A separate chapter describes the maintenance of Toyota Hilux, taking into account the regulations of all preventive procedures and the peculiarities of their implementation.

Toyota Hilux Fifth generation (N80, N90, N100, N110; 1988–1997) background information

The fifth-generation Toyota Hilux has been in production since August 1988. The car increased in size and got a new streamlined body. A 2.8-liter diesel appeared in the range

In 1992, the model was upgraded by changing the radiator grille.

In March 1995, the Hilux was replaced by a new Toyota Tacoma in the North American market.

From April 1989 to March 1997, a licensed copy of the Volkswagen Taro was produced. Volkswagen Taro was offered in SingleCab, XtraCab and DoubleCab versions.


  • 1.8 l 2Y-U I4
  • 2.4 l 22R-E I4
  • 3.0 l 3VZ-E V6
  • 2.4 l 2L diesel I4
  • 2.8 l 3L diesel I4
Toyota Hilux 5th generation Owner's Workshop Manual PDF

Toyota Hilux 5th generation

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