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MG Midget with gasoline engine 1958-1980 – repair and maintenance manual, wiring diagrams, operating instructions

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MG Midget – British sports cars are distinguished by a representative, somewhat extravagant design. Today they are rarely seen on city streets, but connoisseurs of retro cars and just good European technology have long appreciated the advantages of these models, moreover, the possession of a rare MG Midget will emphasize the good taste of the motorist and allow him to stand out from the homogeneous stream of foreign cars, wherever he happens to pass … After all, after 1971, the production of these extraordinary beauties was suspended.

Since these machines are used singularly and are genuine rarities, the difficulty arose – where to find a good MG Midget repair manual. Such a manual should also describe in detail and competently the features of the design, operation, maintenance and repair of these wonderful, but rare machines.

These workshop manuals for MG Midget small sports cars have been prepared by professional craftsmen. In addition, logically structured content will save the user from a long search for an answer to a pressing question.

At the beginning of this tutorial, an overview of the MG Midget design is presented, with the help of which you can find out how each element of the machine works and how it functions (both separately and in conjunction with other components). This is followed by a complete instruction manual for the MG Midget, also fully illustrated and with helpful professional guidance. The rules for the maintenance of these sports cars are given separately, taking into account the frequency of all preventive procedures.

Performing the necessary inspections, checks and adjustments, you can be calm about the excellent working condition of your beloved car, even if the period of active use of the equipment is quite impressive.

In the tenth chapter of the handbook, all the wiring diagrams of MG Midget are indicated, this information will be relevant when improving the electronic “filling” of the machine, making adjustments and repairs.

Repair MG Midget is shown in manuals with maximum clarity. The main malfunctions are considered and, in accordance with each specific case, step-by-step instructions are given on how to eliminate the breakdown from the very beginning (on the basis of a car service or in a good garage workshop).

Background information

MG Midget, 1961-80. Small two-seater sports car produced from 1961 to 1979. In this series, MG decided to revive the famous “Midget” name used in the early M-D-J-T-Type series. MG Midget enjoyed great popularity due to its excellent consumer qualities. A total of 226,001 vehicles were sold.

MG Midget Owner's Workshop Manuals

MG Midget

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