BMW 7-Series G11/G12 Owners Manual PDF

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Operation and maintenance manual for BMW 7 Series (G11 / G12) cars.

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By becoming the owner of a BMW 7 Series, you have received a car manufactured with the latest technology and with a wide range of equipment that ensures comfort in everyday use.

Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read this operating manual in order to quickly and comprehensively familiarize yourself with your vehicle.

In addition to operating information, this manual contains instructions for the care, maintenance and safety of your vehicle that are important for your safety and includes useful tips and assistance.

Here is a little history of BMW 7 Series G11/G12

The BMW G11 / G12 is the sixth generation of the BMW 7-Series. First presented on June 10, 2015, at a presentation in Munich. The model will debut at the motor show in Frankfurt in autumn 2015. The predecessor of the BMW F01 / F02, which was produced from 2008 to 2015.

The model with a regular base has a factory index of G11 and an extended G12. The marking for sale denotes 730d for the first case and 730Ld for the second.

The car is built on a new platform built on a modular platform “35up” which is also called CLAR (classical architecture, or cluster architecture), in the construction of which carbon fibre-reinforced plastic is used, so the car’s weight has decreased by 130 kg compared to its predecessor. The central and rear struts, as well as the central tunnel, are made of composite material. Doors and roof are made of aluminium.

The drag coefficient is reduced by 15%. This was achieved thanks to the smooth facing of the bottom of the body, rear-view mirrors of a new shape, air ducts in the front wings, thanks to which air flows are removed from the wheel arches. The radiator grille has built-in active air curtains, which can adjust themselves in five positions depending on the needs of the engine.

BMW’s flagship is available with both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, as well as with a regular wheelbase and extended. The car is equipped with a new electromechanical power steering and a fully controlled chassis, which will be offered as an option for all versions. This system allows you to turn the rear wheels three degrees in the opposite direction to the front when manoeuvring in the city and two degrees in the same direction at high speeds.

The Executive Drive Pro system is offered for the new 7-Series. Available for all versions except 740e. It works in conjunction with air suspension, adaptive shock absorbers and active anti-roll bars with electromechanical adjustment. The system dampens rolls in turns, and on straight lines makes a suspension bracket as much as possible comfortable. It can also warn of road conditions ahead by adjusting the stiffness of the shock absorbers in advance. The electronics receive traffic data ahead with a stereoscopic video camera, navigation data and driving style analysis.

The car is equipped with a new generation iDrive system, which has a touch interface and gesture control. With the help of special hand gestures in front of the screen, you can adjust the volume, answer calls on the phone or fix with a gesture any function. Wireless charging for mobile phones is also available.

One of the main innovations is remote parking control. The driver can get out of the car, press a special button and the car will stand on its own in the parking lot or go to the garage.

The main feature of the novelty is the laser optics of the headlight, which became the first serial for BMW. The light beam shines at a distance of 600 meters, which is much more than conventional and halogen lamps.

The 730d version takes 100 in 5.8 seconds, the 740i in 5.5 seconds, and the 750i in 4.4 seconds. The 740e version has an acceleration of 5.5 seconds to a hundred.

The M Sport sports package is available for the model with a special body and interior design, as well as exclusive discs and colour decoration.

The list of equipment includes a Bowers and Wilkins audio system, night vision system, panoramic glass roof with 6 colours of illumination, projection display, which is 75% larger than the previous one. The car also received an air conditioning system with ionization and air aromatization, a 7-inch touch tablet built into the central armrest of the rear row, which controls the entire infotainment system.

BMW 7 (G11/G12) Owners Manual PDF

BMW 7 (G11/G12)

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