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Toyota Cressida 1978-1992 with a gasoline engine – owner’s workshop  manual, wiring diagrams, operating instructions, repair and owner’s manual PDF free download

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Title File Size Download Links
Toyota Cressida 1978 – Brochure [PDF] 11.8Mb Download
Toyota Cressida 1989 Electrical Wiring Diagram [PDF] 41.6Mb Download
Toyota Cressida 1989 Misc Documents Collision Repair Information PDF [PDF] 851kb Download
Toyota Cressida 1991 Misc Documents Automatic Transmission Disassembly PDF [PDF] 317.6kb Download
Toyota Cressida 7M-GE_7M-GTE 3.0 DOHC Service Manual [PDF] 4.3Mb Download
Toyota Cressida. Repair Manual for engine L, 2L, 2l-T [PDF] 17.2Mb Download

Manual for the repair, maintenance and operation of Toyota Cressida cars with gasoline, 1978-1992 years of release.

In this guide:

  • Ongoing maintenance – simple weekly checks;
  • Maintenance – complete step-by-step guide;
  • Troubleshooting – a simple solution to specific problems;
  • Road breakdowns – what to do in such cases;
  • Preparation for technical inspection – step-by-step check of car systems;
  • Appendix – includes a glossary of technical terms;
  • Braking system – control and repair in the name of safety;
  • Power and ignition systems – some explanations;
  • Electrical equipment – troubleshooting;
  • Engine – adjustments, minor and major repairs;
  • Colored electrical diagrams – make it easy to find items;
  • Recommendations for use.

The purpose of this manual is to assist the owner in using the Toyota Cressida. First of all, you will be able to understand which of the parts of the car requires maintenance or repair, as well as assess the possibility of doing this on your own.

This Toyota Cressida Service Manual also provides a complete list of periodic maintenance procedures. The most common malfunctions and methods of their detection and elimination are also given. Some procedures take so little time that it is easier to do it yourself than to sign up for a service station, drive the car there, and then pick it up. This way you can save not only your time, but also money.

The Toyota Cressida manual contains detailed illustrated descriptions of various components and mechanisms of the vehicle. All Toyota Cressida service and repair procedures are described step by step and illustrated.

The manuals are intended for owners of Toyota Cressida cars, service station specialists and repair shops.

Toyota Cressida background information

Toyota Cressida is a business class car produced by Toyota from 1976 to 1992. In total, four generations of the model were released. These vehicles are also known in other countries as Toyota Mark II, Toyota Chaser and Toyota Cresta. The name Cressida was dropped in 1993.

Toyota Cressida X30 – First generation (1976-1980)

The first generation of the Cressida model was produced in sedan (X30, X32) and station wagon (X36) bodies. The coupe body (X31) was only available for domestic Japanese. There, this car was sold as the Toyota Mark II. Basic equipment included air conditioning, automatic transmission and power steering. The car received good sound insulation from the factory, and was considered one of the quietest cars on the market at that time. The MSRP in 1979 from the US manufacturer was $ 9,190.

In England, Cressida was available as a sedan and station wagon. These cars were only exported with a two-liter four-cylinder petrol engine and in the De Luxe trim level.

Toyota Cressida X60 – Second generation (1981-1984)

The second generation Cressida (MX63) has been significantly redesigned from the previous generation. This model was assembled in New Zealand with a two-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine and a five-speed manual or three-speed automatic transmission.

Toyota Cressida X70 – Third generation (1985-1988)

In 1985, a new Cressida model was introduced, designated the MX73 (MX72 station wagon). The 5M-GE engine has continued to be installed since 1984. The car has become larger in size, and at the same time, more aerodynamic than previous generations.

Toyota Cressida X80 – Fourth generation (1989-1992)

In 1988, Toyota introduced an oversized fourth-generation Cressida model (MX83). It was the last Cressida car in North America.

He received a new, more powerful 3.0-liter 7M-GE engine. Its capacity was 190 liters. with. at 6000 rpm. The car had power windows, central locking, cruise control, automatic transmission, ABS, electric sunroof, CD player and leather upholstery.

In 1991, the model underwent minor changes, the grille, interior and alloy wheels were updated.

Toyota Cressida Owner's Workshop Manuals PDF

Toyota Cressida

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