Lexus CT200h Owner’s and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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Lexus CT200h (2011-2017): owner’s, service and repair manuals for maintenance, fuses box and electrical wiring diagrams, operating instructions PDF free download

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Lexus CT is a compact car with a hybrid drive, manufactured by Toyota’s premium Lexus brand. First presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2010 for the European market. The Lexus CT is based on the Lexus LF-Ch prototype, which debuted at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Production of the CT200h (factory index ZWA10) began in late December 2010, shortly thereafter with European sales. Sales in the US began in March 2011.

Lexus engineers and designers have done everything possible to hide the features of the Toyota Prius in the appearance of the CT. The Lexus CT looks quite sporty, thanks to the streamlined shape of the body, chrome decorative inserts in the exterior and elongated narrowed headlights. Below the main grille is a long, narrow air intake, on the sides of which are fog lights. The rear of the car is equipped with large elongated headlights, and the license plate is recessed in a kind of niche. Dimensions of the hatchback are equal: length – 4320 mm, width – 1765 mm, height – 1430 mm. The car is equipped with a 1.8 liter 2ZR-FXE I4 engine with 99 hp. (142 Nm) and an electric motor with a capacity of 82 hp (207 Nm), a total of 136 hp.

Among the standard components of the car are: keyless entry, dual-zone climate control, 10-position driver’s seat, audio system with 6 speakers, leather steering wheel, Bluetooth, SiriusXM satellite radio, heated front seats, touch wipers and sunroof. Optional components for Lexus ST are distributed in certain packages. The “Seat Comfort” package includes: heated seat, electric passenger seat. The F Sport package includes sporty exterior elements and a stiffer suspension. The Navigation Package includes a voice command system, a rear view camera and a navigation screen. Among the individual options are: leather trim, windows with automatic dimming, cruise control and collision avoidance system.

Lexus CT was revised in the spring of 2014. In particular, the front design was changed and the radiator grille was increased. Now there are air intakes behind. In autumn 2017, the car received another cosmetic repair. In the same year, sales in the United States were suspended.

In the fall of 2020, it was announced that CT would also be removed from the program in Europe.

Lexus CT200h Owner's Maintenance Manuals PDF

Lexus CT200h

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