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Manuals for operation, repair and maintenance of Honda Prelude, 1984-1995, with gasoline engines of 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.7 litres.

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The proposed repair manuals for Honda Prelude are written at a level accessible to a wide reader and very sensibly and professionally. The manuals also included numerous drawings, without which it would be difficult to successfully practice.

These manuals have several subsections, including an overview of the Honda Prelude design, which describes all the units, components and systems of the car so that the driver can correctly use the working potential of the machine and be sure that he is doing according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The Honda Prelude manual serves the same purpose. The manual also has a section on the maintenance of Honda Prelude cars, which describes all the checks and inspections, the periodic implementation of which will ensure the stable operation of the car.

Honda Prelude background information

The Honda Prelude is a two-door, four-seater coupe manufactured by Honda. It has been produced since 1978. Discontinued in 2000 due to high cost and low demand. All models were produced with front-wheel drive and only with four-cylinder in-line engines.


The first generation appeared in 1978 and was equipped with a 1602 cc engine with a capacity of 80 litres. from. The car used a five-speed manual transmission or a two-speed automatic.

Second generation

The second generation went on sale in 1982. It was equipped with engines with a carburettor (ES1 – for the domestic market (CVCC, 2 main, 1 auxiliary); ET – for the European and North American markets (two horizontal carburettors), 1829 cm³) and fuel injection (ES3; B20A (1)) (with 1985). The power of some modifications reached 140 litres. with., and at the end of the release of the second generation released a transitional version with an engine that develops power up to 150 litres. from. A total of 1000 units were produced: 500 with right-hand drive and 500 with left-hand drive.

Third generation

Produced from 1988-1991. The third generation of the model inherited the concept of the 2nd, which became very popular as a youth dating machine. Hidden headlights and a low front end give the Prelude a Ferrari-like appearance, creating a wide and low wedge-shaped silhouette. In combination with the small cab, the body shape is very similar to the 2nd generation of the model.

Fourth generation

In 1991, the fourth generation of the car was launched for the Japanese market. The car entered other markets in 1992. The 4WS system became electronic and new engines were used. The “S” grade was equipped with an F22B 160hp. with., “Si-VTEC” was equipped with H22A 200l. with., “Si” H23A1, “2.0i” 133 liters. from. (93 KW). Release of the 4th generation 1994-5s – H22, JHMBB1, 4WS, DOHC – VTEC. reached 1000 pieces. 500 pieces of left and right controls. The “Si-VTEC” label was in use until the end of 1993, after which it was shortened to simply “VTEC”. Shares in the front suspension with the fifth and sixth-generation Honda Accord.


Produced from 1996 to 2001. For the first time, the power of the h22a engine was raised to 220 hp in this body. from. The power of the already highly accelerated engine was raised thanks to a more thorough study of the intake manifold with variable geometry, the installation of a more efficient throttle, and also thanks to serious modifications in the cylinder head with the installation of new shafts, springs and pistons. Also required significant improvements in the engine management system.

Honda Prelude Owner's Workshop Manuals

Honda Prelude

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