Fiat Uno Owner’s Workshop Manual PDF

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Fiat Uno (1983-1995) with gasoline engines: service, repair and owner’s manuals, fuse box and wiring diagrams, maintenance manuals PDF free download

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Manuals for the repair, maintenance and operation of Fiat Uno cars, 1983-1995, with petrol engines with a working volume of 0.9, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 liters.

The service manuals for Fiat Uno consider the design features of the car, its structure.

Methods for checking and repairing a Fiat Uno car, diagnostics and troubleshooting are also proposed.

Repair manuals are intended for owners of Fiat Uno cars, service station employees and car services.

Fiat Uno background information

Fiat Uno is a supermini model from the Italian car manufacturer Fiat SpA. Production began in 1983 and ended in 1995 in Italy. It is still produced in several countries today. In total, more than 11,000,000 first-generation Fiat Uno cars have been produced, making it Fiat’s most popular model.

First generation (type 146)

The Fiat Uno (Type 146) was launched in January 1983 to replace the aging Fiat 127. Italior’s Giorgetto Giugiaro designed a model with a very low drag coefficient Cx = 0.34 and a fairly large cabin size for its class. The car was famous for its interior space and fuel economy, as well as excellent driving and handling, and was considered the most innovative small car in Europe at the time of its launch. The design and performance were so successful that in December 1983, the Uno received the prestigious 1984 European Car Award.

Second generation (type 327)

Introduced in 2010, the new Fiat Uno, which is manufactured and sold exclusively in the Latin American market. The car is equipped with petrol engines 1.0 HPP Vivace LF Flex with a capacity of 70 hp. and torque of 91 Nm and 1.4 Attractive Flex with 85 hp. and a torque of 121 Nm.

In 2014, the model was upgraded.

Fiat Uno Owner's Workshop Manual PDF

Fiat Uno

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