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Opel Vivaro Repair Manual (gasoline / diesel) since 2001. – repair manual and maintenance manual, wiring diagrams, owners manual free download

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Opel Vivaro 2001 Service and Repair Manual [ru].rar 81Mb Download
Opel Vivaro 2001 Service Manual [ru].rar 34Mb Download

Opel Vivaro Owners manual

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Opel Vivaro 2006 Betriebsanleitung.pdf 5.4Mb Download
Opel Vivaro 2007 Betriebsanleitung.pdf 4.6Mb Download
Opel Vivaro 2008 Betriebsanleitung.pdf 3.8Mb Download
Opel Vivaro 2009 Betriebsanleitung.pdf 3.8Mb Download
Opel Vivaro 2010 Owners manual.pdf 4Mb Download
Opel Vivaro 2011 Owners manual.pdf 3.9Mb Download
Opel Vivaro 2012 Instruktionsbog.pdf 4.1Mb Download
Opel Vivaro 2013 Owners manual.pdf 4.3Mb Download
Opel Vivaro 2014 Owners manual.pdf 4.3Mb Download
Opel Vivaro 2015 Owners manual.pdf 4.5Mb Download
Opel Vivaro 2016 Owners manual.pdf 4.8Mb Download
Opel Vivaro 2017 Owners manual.pdf 4.9Mb Download
Opel Vivaro 2018 Owners manual.pdf 5.6Mb Download

Guide to repair and maintenance of Opel Vivaro since 2001 release, including restyling of 2006 with gasoline and diesel engines. Petrol engines: F4R 2.0 16V – 88 kW (120 hp). Diesel engines: F9Q 760/762 1.9 dCi – 58-74 kW (79-100 hp); The G9U 730 2.5 dCi is 98 kW (134 hp).

Multifunctional car Opel Vivaro has a modern appearance, a high level of comfort and extensive technical capabilities. Opel Vivaro is designed for a wide audience of customers who appreciate comfort, know how to save time and, of course, appreciate mobility. On this car, you can travel with your family or friends. The hospitable interior, worked to trifles, fabric or velor seat upholstery, a spacious car gives a feeling of unlimited comfort in the journey, thanks to modern equipment, soft suspension and special sound insulation of the cabin.

The practicality and reliability of the Opel Vivaro makes it not only an ideal companion for any family trips, but also a reliable assistant in conducting business events. In these cars you can take away everything that you need – you do not have to choose between cargo volume and the number of seats. Opel Vivaro is a car that creates an image. Designed as a “motor home”, it turns even the shortest trip into a comfortable journey. And I really would not want any breakage to happen on vacation, because even a small malfunction can ruin your mood. But, if you possess the manual for repair and maintenance of the Opel Vivaro since 2001, including restyling in 2006 with petrol and diesel engines, you will not be afraid of any breakdowns and malfunctions of your favorite car. Reading and following all the instructions in this manual, your car will never let you down at the wrong time.

On the pages of this Opel Vivaro repair manual, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the car’s device, learn how to act in emergency situations and how to correctly troubleshoot, read the full manual for the vehicle and the basic steps for caring for it.

In separate chapters there are warnings and safety regulations when working on a car, as well as basic tools, measuring instruments and methods of working with them.

The following are described in detail:

  • the mechanical part of the engine;
  • cooling system;
  • Lubrication system;
  • supply system;
  • engine management system;
  • intake and exhaust system;
  • engine electrical equipment;
  • clutch; Transmission;
  • drive shafts and final drive;
  • suspension;
  • brake system;
  • steering;
  • body, passive safety system;
  • air conditioning and heater.

The material is set out in chapters and is accompanied by detailed diagrams and drawings, therefore, even a not very experienced car owner will be able to understand any technical subtleties of his pet.

At the end of the repair manual lined circuitry for cars Opel Vivarodiagnostic trouble codes and explanatory dictionary of unknown terms for you.

Opel Vivaro service repair manuals

Opel Vivaro

The repair manual is intended for Opel Vivaro owners, service stations and repair shops.

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