Volkswagen LT Service Repair Manuals

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Volkswagen LT 28 35 46 (diesel) with – repair and service manual, wiring diagrams, instruction manual free download

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VW LT 1975-1987 Workshop Manual.pdf 70.2Mb Download
VW LT 1996-2003 Workshop Manual.pdf 49.1Mb Download
VW LT 1996-2006 Workshop Manuals.rar 106.8Mb Download
VW LT Workshop Manuals.rar 860.4Mb Download
VW LT-28 All Data Workshop Manuals.rar 369.4Mb Download

The first-generation multi-purpose Volkswagen LT plant in Hanover began production in 1975. The name was an abbreviation of Lasten-Transporter, which translated roughly means the transport for the transport of goods. In 1996, Volkswagen 2 generations and Mercedes-Benz jointly developed a new family of light trucks and buses, including the VOLKSWAGEN LT 28/35/46, whose engines are equipped with a five-speed or six-speed gearbox, the latter being possible with automated shifting.

Cars are also equipped with diesel engines:
AGX 2.5 SDI – 55 kW (75 hp);
AHD 2.5 TDI – 75 kW (102 hp);
ANJ 2.5 TDI – 80 kW (109 hp);
APA 2.5 TDI – 66 kW (90 hp);
BBE 2.5 TDI – 61 kW (83 hp);
BBF 2.5 TDI – 70 kW (95 hp);
AGK 2.8 TDI – 92 kW (125 hp);
ATA 2.8 TDI – 96 kW (131 hp);
BCQ 2.8 TDI (Common Rail) – 116 kW (158 hp);
AUH 2.8 TDI (Common Rail) – 116 kW (158 hp), which are discussed in detail in the Volkswagen LT repair manual.

Manuals on the repair, operation and maintenance of Volkswagen LT contained not only reliable and verified information about the design of these cars, but also their full characteristics, various instructions, useful tips and recommendations.

This manual contains descriptions and information on diagnosing possible malfunctions of all engine systems, both with and without turbocharging (up to checking the sensors of different systems), including repair of the chassis and body components.

Due attention is paid to electronic engine control systems, transmissions with a manual transmission, including lists of possible trouble codes, power steering, ABS braking systems and electrical equipment.

Technical advice given in this repair manual will help you to carry out maintenance and make repairs, both at the service station and on your own. The whole text is written correctly, in a step-by-step algorithm.

Many repair work with electrical equipment and systems are accompanied by numerous schemes. Such a reference informational edition will always tell you how to act in a difficult moment, and this will be useful for every motorist, owner of Volkswagen LT 28/35/46, and personnel of a service station and repair shop. You should know that in a critical situation you can earn substantial help if you have at your disposal a suggested repair manual, with which you will feel much more confident on the road, where you do not risk staying in an unexpectedly unpleasant situation in case of a sudden breakdown, in the garage. Expand your knowledge and conquer various distances!

Volkswagen LT Repair Manuals free download

Volkswagen LT

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