Toyota Toyoace Owner’s & Maintenance Manuals PDF

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Toyota Toyoace with diesel engines – owner’s, repair and maintenance manuals PDF, wiring diagrams, operating instructions free download

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The Toyota Toyoace repair, owner’s and maintenance manuals describe in detail the models of Japanese cars that were produced in the period from 1995 to 2001, and information on models released in 1999 was also separately included in the manual. Toyota Toyoace is equipped with diesel engines 3L (2.8 liters), 5L (3.0 liters). These manuals are perfect for professionals, for example, car repair shop workers, but they will also be of interest to active car enthusiasts who want to gain more knowledge and replenish their stock of applied skills.

Toyota Toyoace repair manuals include a huge number of visual drawings, professional text is easy to read and remember, it is written with the understanding that users, mastering new information, immediately get down to business and begin to practice.

Toyota Toyoace background information

Toyota Toyoace is a delivery van produced by Toyota since 1954.

The first prototype appeared in 1954 as a one-ton truck with a semi-trailer, equipped with a four-cylinder “S” engine with a volume of 1 liter (995 cc), 30 hp. with. (22 kW). Other types of vans were also developed with chassis numbers SK17 to SK19. Four years later, the S engine was increased to 33 hp. with. (24 kW).

The cockpit was retained for the second generation Toyopet ToyoAce, originally marketed as the SK20. The new SK20 was also sold as a panel van (SK20V) and a double cab truck (SK20P). The power of the lateral 1-liter engine remains the same.

The third generation Toyoace received the Y-series chassis codes. It was introduced in August 1971 and featured a more modern design and was also available in several new body styles. There were 3P and 12R petrol engines (1.35 or 1.6 liters, 83 hp or 61 kW from 12R), as well as a 2.5-liter 2J diesel engine with 70 hp. with. (51 kW).

The fourth generation Toyoace was produced from March 1979 to August 1985 with rear dual wheels, which had a smaller diameter than the front single wheels. This wheelbase is inherent in some Kia Bongo and Hyundai Porter models. The lineup includes the RY20, LY20, LY30, JY30 and Y40 models.

The fifth generation Toyoace was based on the fifth generation Dyna model. Ten years later, the fifth generation Toyoace was replaced by the sixth, combined with the Dyna and Hino Ranger.

The modern version of Toyoace has been in production since 2011.

Toyota Toyoace Owner's & Maintenance Manual

Toyota Toyoace

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