Toyota C-HR Owner’s Workshop Manuals PDF

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Toyota C-HR (2016-2021) with petrol and hybrid engines: workshop, service and owner’s manuals for maintenance Toyota C-HR, electrical wiring diagrams, operating instructions for free download PDF

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Toyota C-HR 2020 Exterior sticker decoration – Installation Instructions [PDF] 3.6Mb Download
Toyota C-HR 2020 Foglamp ornament surround – Installation Instructions [PDF] 2Mb Download
Toyota C-HR 2020 Front & rear set mudflaps – Installation Instructions [PDF] 2.5Mb Download
Toyota C-HR 2020 Front skirt – Installation Instructions [PDF] 2.2Mb Download
Toyota C-HR 2020 Front under guard – Installation Instructions [PDF] 3Mb Download
Toyota C-HR 2020 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 12Mb Download
Toyota C-HR 2020 Protection film kit – Installation Instructions [PDF] 10Mb Download
Toyota C-HR 2020 Rear under guard 2.0 HV – Installation Instructions [PDF] 2.4Mb Download
Toyota C-HR 2020 Seat Heaters (RHD) – Installation Instructions [PDF] 7.6Mb Download
Toyota C-HR 2020 Towbar wiring kit 13-pin & 7-pin – Installation Instructions [PDF] 20.9Mb Download
Toyota C-HR 2020 Towing hitch horizontal detachable – Installation Instructions [PDF] 6Mb Download
Toyota C-HR 2020 Towing Hitch Horizontal Detachable QR – Installation Instructions [PDF] 2.1Mb Download
Toyota C-HR 2020 Towing hitch vertical detachable – AUS – Installation Instructions [PDF] 5Mb Download
Toyota C-HR 2020 Towing Hitch Vertical Detachable – Installation Instructions [PDF] 8.6Mb Download
Toyota C-HR 2020 Towing Hitch Vertical Detachable QR – Installation Instructions [PDF] 2.3Mb Download
Toyota C-HR 2021 Multimedia Owner’s Manual [PDF] 11.9Mb Download
Toyota C-HR 2021 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 12.5Mb Download
Toyota C-HR Hybrid 2016 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 49.3Mb Download
Toyota C-HR Hybrid 2017 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 49.3Mb Download
Toyota C-HR Hybrid 2018 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 83.5Mb Download
Toyota C-HR Hybrid 2019 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 83.5Mb Download
Toyota C-HR Hybrid 2020 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 99Mb Download
Toyota C-HR Hybrid 2021 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 97.3Mb Download
Toyota C-HR Hybrid / ZYX10L, ZYX10R (EM32K2E) Electrical Wiring Diagrams [ZIP] 72.4Mb Download
Toyota C-HR / 8NR-FTS, 3ZR-FAE (EM32H2E) Electrical Wiring Diagrams [ZIP] 86.1Mb Download

Toyota C-HR background information

Toyota C-HR (Coupe High Rider) is a compact crossover from the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota.

The car was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016 and almost completely copies the eponymous concept car presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2014. This model will take a place in the company’s lineup between the compact Toyota Yaris and the Toyota RAV4 crossover. This model, according to the developers, should repeat the success of the latter and become an alternative to traditional hatchbacks. The car must compete with the Nissan Qashqai, Mazda CX-3 and Honda HR-V.

The car is built on the TNGA platform, as well as the Toyota Prius. The front of the car is equipped with McPherson struts, and the rear torsion bar. The Toyota C-HR crossover, in addition to the 1.8-liter 122-horsepower hybrid powertrain, will also be available to order with traditional engines. For the car, there is a choice of a 1.2-liter gasoline turbo engine with 116 hp, as well as diesels. Later in the range will be a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with 148 hp. Hybrid modification – front-wheel drive, and options with other power units for an additional fee can be all-wheel drive. All models are offered with a continuously variable transmission CVT Multidrive S, and the version with a 1.2-liter engine can be equipped with a 6-speed. manual transmission. Exclusively for the Indonesian market, a model with a 1.5-liter engine with 107 hp is offered.

Toyota C-HR Owner's Workshop Manuals PDF

Toyota C-HR

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