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Service, repair and owner’s manual for Tesla cars: Model X, Model S, Model 3, Model 2, Roadster.

Tesla Model 3

Title File Size Download Link
Tesla Model 3 EPA.pdf 753.3kb Download
Tesla Model 3 Owner’s Manual.pdf 4.1Mb Download

Tesla Model S

Title File Size Download Link
2012 Tesla Model S Owner’s Manual.pdf 2.9Mb Download
2012 Tesla Model S Owner’s Safety Information.pdf 2.9Mb Download
2014 Tesla Model S Owner’s Manual (Europe).pdf 17.5Mb Download
2014 Tesla Model S Owner’s Manual.pdf 6.1Mb Download
2014 Tesla Model S Quick Guide (Europe).pdf 2.2Mb Download
2014 Tesla Model S Quick Guide (North America).pdf 5.3Mb Download
2014 Tesla Model S Quick Guide for owners.pdf 9.1Mb Download
2015 Tesla Model S Owner’s Manual.pdf 4.8Mb Download
2016 Tesla Model S Owner’s Manual.pdf 4.9Mb Download
2017 Tesla Model S Owner’s Manual.pdf 5.5Mb Download

Tesla Model X

Title File Size Download Link
2016 Tesla Model X Owner’s Manual.pdf 4.3Mb Download
2017 Tesla Model X Owner’s Manual.pdf 4.9Mb Download

Tesla Roadster

Title File Size Download Link
2008 Tesla Roadster Owners Manual.pdf 46.3Mb Download
Tesla Roadster 2/ Roadster Sport Owners Manual.pdf 46.2Mb Download
Tesla Body Repair Program Operating Standards.pdf 3.7Mb Download

The American company Tesla, named after the famous electrical engineering, began work in 2003. During this time, a number of electric vehicles were produced, as well as a network of stations designed to recharge such a mode of transport so that its owners would not experience difficulties during long trips. One of the most popular models of electric vehicles in the world is the five-door Tesla Model S.

Tesla Service Repair Manual describes models since 2008. The manuals will be useful not only to the present and future owners of Tesla, but also to everyone who is interested in electric vehicles. Specialists will find on the pages of the manual detailed maintenance materials, work features and devices, Tesla electrical equipment.

Tesla Model S owner's manual

Tesla Model S

We have before us a detailed Tesla owner’s manual, which is convenient to use both as a theoretical basis for machines powered by an electric motor, and for practice – all applied works are described very carefully and clearly, the authors cite numerous drawings and arrange material from simple procedures to multi-step actions. This manual Tesla Model S / X, prepared by professionals and it is felt on every page. And the very execution of the book is a good binding, pleasant to the touch and moderately flexible cover, white paper, high print quality – at a height.

The authors introduce the user to the features of Tesla Model S / X electric vehicles and the detailed design, taking into account all the constituent elements. Provides important safety instructions, as well as the rules of action in various difficult situations on the road.

The next topic addressed by the professional authors of the manual is the Tesla Model S / X owners manual. In this chapter, the basic explanations on how to handle the equipment are clearly presented, so that the car owner doesn’t make mistakes while driving and knows exactly what his electric car is capable of. Next, you should familiarize yourself with the Tesla Model S / X maintenance rules. In the manuals you will find diagrams and drawings, as well as precise instructions for them – how to carry out preventive procedures with an electric vehicle, at what time intervals that the equipment will always be in excellent working condition.

The handbook also has all the Tesla Model S wiring diagrams, this is especially important when preparing for repairing or setting up electrical equipment, making changes to its work.

The second part of the manual is necessary for the competent diagnosis and repair of Tesla electric vehicles. Any possible malfunctions are presented in order and for each specific situation, the authors offer the most effective solution. Not only the car service specialist but also the car owner will be able to understand the problem and clearly know how to act on the model given in the pages of the book.

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