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SsangYong Rexton 1 since 2001 / Rexton 2 since 2006, with gasoline and diesel engines: repair manuals, wiring diagrams, operating instructions, maintenance manuals in PDF free download

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SsangYong Rexton 2010-11 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 33.3Mb Download
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SsangYong Rexton Wiring Diagram (Diesel engine preheating system diagram) [JPG] 83.4kb Download
SsangYong Rexton Wiring Diagram (Starting and charging system for a car with a gasoline engine [JPG] 110.3kb Download
SsangYong Rexton Wiring Diagram (System for starting and charging a car with a diesel engine) [JPG] 110.5kb Download
SsangYong Rexton Y200 Service Manual [PDF] 66.5Mb Download

These manuals include a complete list of issues related to the operation, repair, maintenance of Ssang Yong Rexton vehicles. Such a guide will become an indispensable assistant both for a motorist, owner of a high-tech SSANG YONG REXTON (petrol engines 2.3 / 3.2 l; diesel engines 2.7XDI / 2.7XVT / 2.9XDI), and for a specialist in a maintenance station or car service. In any case, a well-written SsangYong Rexton repair manual and the peculiarities of its operation will help you find the optimal solution to even very difficult repair problems.

Thus, a driver who is ready to independently maintain and repair his SsangYong Rexton, using the information provided in these service manuals, will be able to save not only his money but also time and effort. And a car service worker, having this manual at hand, will more quickly and efficiently cope with the diagnosis and elimination of any Ssang Yong Rexton malfunctions. Perhaps this SsangYong Rexton repair manual will not make a newbie a certified auto mechanic, but even an unprepared motorist will get a complete idea of ​​how regularly and what specific procedures for maintenance and repair of the car should take place. Since the SsangYong Rexton repair manual contains detailed descriptions of various repair operations, the motorist will probably be able to carry out some of them on his own.

If it was not possible to eliminate the malfunction of Ssang Yong Rexton on your own, you will know what exactly the car service workers are obliged to do, so they will not be able to mislead you about the amount of work performed.

The manuals are written at an accessible level, the text is equipped with bright three-dimensional drawings (color SsangYong Rexton wiring diagrams are also shown), and is well structured, which will greatly facilitate the search for the necessary information. The manual contains such information as the peculiarities of car care (there is a complete instruction manual for the Ssang Yong Rexton), diagnostics and elimination of troubles that may arise along the way, repairs in a garage, and much more.

The Daily Checks and Troubleshooting chapter discusses the most common SsangYong Rexton problems (such as failure during engine start) and provides the best solutions. At the beginning of the manual, general information is given about the device of the car, the principles of operation of the main units and their systems, some wiring diagrams, as well as information of a recommendatory nature on how to service the SsangYong Rexton and what needs to be done so that the process of operating the car brings the driver maximum comfort.

The description of repair operations is the strongest point of the manuals. The service manuals provide a sequence of troubleshooting and elimination of their causes. At the same time, simple procedures (for example, loosening the nuts on the wheels, opening the hood, etc.) may not be considered in detail, and the process of solving the most important and difficult problems is given by the authors in full, with illustrations and diagrams, at an accessible level.

Thus, the motorist will be able to assemble, disassemble, lubricate and replace SsangYong Rexton units and assemblies, as well as, if necessary, repair the SsangYong Rexton wiring diagrams. If you follow exactly the instructions and recommendations in the text of the manual and in the figures, then there should be no difficulties. However, before starting the repair yourself, you need to make sure that those spare parts, parts and tools that you will use (if they are not recommended by the manufacturer) will not harm the safety of you and those around you, as well as damage the machine. Some, the most difficult cases of repair work, require the participation of qualified car service personnel.

SsangYong Rexton background information

SsangYong Rexton is an all-wheel drive SUV of the Korean company SsangYong, manufactured since 2001.

The first generation (2001-2012)

The first Rexton (code Y200) was released in the summer of 2001 with all-wheel drive and three licensed engines from Mercedes-Benz. Gasoline 3.2 produced 220 hp, a pair of diesels with a volume of 2.7 and 2.9 liters had 164 and 220 horsepower, respectively. All this economy was combined with five-speed “mechanics” and “automatic machine”. The platform with a stepped frame was also from the M-Class (body W 163). The design for Rexton was developed by the Italian design studio Italdesign. All-wheel drive system from the English company Borg Warner.

Rexton entered the European market in the summer of 2003.

Second generation (since 2017)

On March 30, 2017, the SsangYong Rexton G4 (internal index Y400) debuted at the Seoul Motor Show. Rexton third generation received an upgraded frame Quad Frame ladder type, front suspension on double wishbones, and rear multi-link. The power unit is covered with a massive protection, and behind the bottom – a place for a spare wheel. The SUV is equipped with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive (Part-time) and two turbocharged engines: petrol 2.0 GDI (225 hp, 350 Nm) and diesel 2.2 e-XDI (181 hp, 420 Nm). In the initial configuration, the SUV offers a six-speed manual transmission and automatic transmission Aisin, in the top – a box 7G-Tronic Mercedes-Benz.

Rexton’s main competitors are Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Chinese Foton Sauvana, only the “Korean” has an independent suspension at the rear instead of an inseparable axle.

SsangYong Rexton Workshop Repair Manuals PDF

SsangYong Rexton

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