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SsangYong Istana (1995-2003) with diesel engines: owner’s repair manuals,  electrical wiring diagrams, operating instructions, fuses box schematics, maintenance manuals PDF free download

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SsangYong Istana Owner’s Manual (KOR) (2002) [PDF] 12.7Mb Download
SsangYong Istana Owner’s Manual [PDF] 62Mb Download
SsangYong Istana Wiring Diagrams (Central Lock) [JPG] 89.8kb Download
SsangYong Istana Wiring Diagrams (Start engine) [JPG] 81.7kb Download
SsangYong Istana Wiring Diagrams [JPG] 241kb Download

Service and maintenance manuals for SsangYong Istana with 2.9 liter diesel engines 1995-2003.

The manuals provide a step-by-step description of the operation, repair and maintenance procedures for Ssang Yong Istana vehicles equipped with a diesel OM662 (2.9 liter) engine. The manuals contain an operation manual, detailed information on car maintenance, checking and repairing the engine, manual transmission, brake system elements, steering system, air conditioning.

SsangYong Istana maintenance manuals provide detailed wiring diagrams describing the checks of electrical equipment elements. Possible malfunctions and methods of their elimination, mating dimensions of the main parts and their admissible wear limits are given.

SsangYong Istana service manuals provide recommendations for lubricants and work creeps. The manual gives the main parameters of the car, its overall dimensions. The operation manual, to which a large section of the manual is devoted, informs the reader how to properly operate the SsangYong Istana in order to avoid its repair as long as possible. Attention is paid to starting the engine and checking the tire pressure. In the maintenance section, recommendations are given for checking the elements and adjusting the brake system, for checking the brake pedal.

In a large section of the SsangYong Istana service manual, a description of the mechanical part of the engine is given, the fuel system is described in detail, the replacement of its elements, check of injectors and their adjustment. Attention is paid to the cooling system, its flushing. There is information on the lubrication system (oil pressure check). In the section devoted to the clutch, its main technical characteristics are given. The SsangYong Istana repair manual contains comprehensive information on the body, from drips to the rear door: dashboard, front bumper, seats, air conditioning, heating and ventilation are described in detail. All information on maintenance, repair and operation is accompanied by detailed diagrams and drawings, this will help even motorists to quickly understand the proposed material.

A complete set of SsangYong Istana wiring diagrams is presented.

The information available in the manual will allow car owners to independently carry out competent maintenance of the car and not bring its condition to expensive repairs.

In case of repair, this manual will serve as an indispensable tool for identifying and eliminating faults in all components of the car.

A step-by-step and visual description of repair procedures, an abundance of drawings, extensive reference repair data will allow you to skillfully select options for replacing spare parts, make appropriate adjustments, body straightening, etc.

These manuals are intended for SsangYong Istana owners and workshop workers.

SsangYong Istana background information

SsangYong Istana – a car for commercial transport, produced by the Korean automobile company SsangYong from 1995 to 2003.

This car was developed jointly with Mercedes-Benz and has licensed engines from this manufacturer.

Intended primarily for the domestic market of Korea, cars for export were sold under license under the brand Mercedes-Benz MB100 / MB140 and MB100D / MB140D with gasoline and diesel engines, respectively, there are also options with right-hand drive.

In some countries, the car was sold under the brand name Daewoo Istana.

The car was equipped with 2.3 and 2.9-liter diesel engines and a 2.2-liter gasoline engine.

It was produced at a factory in Changwon.

SsangYong Istana Owner's Workshop Manuals PDF

SsangYong Istana

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