Porsche Carrera GT Owner’s and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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Porsche Carrera GT owner’s, service, repair and maintenance manuals PDF, electrical wiring diagrams, scheduled maintenance, operating instructions free download

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Porsche Carrera GT background information

Porsche Carrera GT (Technical name Porsche Type 980) – Sports 2-bed car with “Middle” engine location and rear axle drive, which was produced by Porsche in 2003-2006, in body variants of the rodster and coupe.

Carrera GT has become the most powerful serial highway car, from all that Porsche has been built.

The design of the model began in the fall of 1999 and after 18 months, an exhibition instance was presented. The concept of sports-road Carrera GT was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2000. However, specialists of the firm and testers recognized it sufficiently manageable for such power and mobility for ordinary roads, and therefore the preparation of the model lasted another two and a half years.

The driver-tester of Porsche Valter Rörl said that “its then current power level was uncontrolled for most conventional drivers.”

Technology, construction, layout:

  • Each CARRERA GT is going to manually, which requires 175 hours of human labor. 45 hours requires a motor assembly (going to Stuttgart) + 130 hours goes to the final installation in the factory. By the end of the series, the factory in Leipzig has released three auto models daily.
  • Unlike most Porsche models, equipped with 2.7-liter opposition engines (Nym. Boxermotor) and 3.8-liter high-dumped (Turbo), on Carrera for the first time installed “atmospheric” engine (Nym. Saugmotor) 5.5 liters. without turbocharging. On machines Formula 1 also put 10-cylinder atmospheric engines from Porsche, but much less volume – 3.0 liters.
  • The body is made of carbon fiber (carbon) and has a monococcal design with a subframe. In order to achieve the maximum pressing to the roadboard Carrera GT, the geometry of the bottom is similar to racing cars, which, due to the rear diffuser and the air channel provides an additional “suction” effect.
  • Max low layout. The crankshaft of the model is located only 3.9 inches above its bottom. The 6-step gearbox is located below the differential.
Porsche Carrera GT Owner's Workshop Manuals PDF

Porsche Carrera GT

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