Nissan Serena Service Repair Manual

Operation manual, maintenance manual and repair manual for the Nissan Serena in the body of the C24 / C23 (2WD and 4WD models), produced in 1999-2005, equipped with the SR20DE gasoline engine, QR20 / 25DE and YD25DDTi diesel engine (Neo Di).

Title File Size Download link
Nissan Serena 1979-1993 Service & Repair Manual [ru].rar 51.5Mb Download
Nissan Serena 1993 Service repair manual [en].rar 104.8Mb Download
Nissan Serena 1999-2005 Service & Repair Manual [ru].rar 30.3Mb Download

Nissan Serena Owner’s Manual

Title File Size Download link
Nissan Serena 2010 Owner’s Manual.pdf 5.1Mb Download
Nissan Serena 2011 Owner’s Manual.pdf 5.1Mb Download
Nissan Serena 2012 Owner’s Manual.pdf 5.2Mb Download
Nissan Serena 2016 Owner’s Manual.pdf 5.9Mb Download

The Nissan Serena repair manual contains:

  • detailed instructions for maintenance,
  • diagnostics,
  • repair and adjustment of engines and engine management systems,
  • brake system (including anti-lock braking system ABS),
  • automatic gearbox,
  • active vehicle suspension,
  • active engine mounts,
  • steering, etc.

Details are presented self-diagnostic procedures and fault codes Nissan Serena engine management systems, automatic transmission, ABS, etc.

A complete set of electrical circuits is presented.

Information available in the service manual for Nissan Serena will allow car owners to independently carry out competent maintenance of the car and not bring its condition to costly repairs. In case of repair, this manual will serve as an indispensable tool for identifying and eliminating faults in all components of the vehicle.

A step-by-step and visual description of repair procedures, an abundance of drawings, extensive reference repair data will allow you to skillfully select replacement parts, make the appropriate adjustments, edit the body, etc.

Nissan Serena repair manuals

Nissan Serena

The repair manual is intended for service stations, repair shops and owners of Nissan Serena.

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  1. Deden

    Sand me by email for manul book nissan serena c24 (2007) in english version

      1. Hisny R Ramirez

        hello I need 2010/ 2012 Serena service book in english version

  2. Ignitius

    Can you please serve me with a manual for Serena 2008

  3. Helen

    Nissan Serena 2016 Owner’s Manual.pdf 5.9Mb DOWNLOAD

    Morning, at last we have found a manual on our vehicle, however when we tried to download it was in Russian and protected so unable to translate.

    Can you help with an English version?

    Many thanks

  4. Nino Tsiklaouri


    Is there an English Version of the manual of the Nissan Serena 2016? if yes, where can I find it?

    Thank you in advance.

  5. Gary Colville

    Hi, I’m looking for a Nissan engine QR-series Service Manual or a Serena C24 series manual for a 2003 Serena Japanese import.
    Thanks heaps.
    Bless you

  6. Duminda

    Can you please serve me with a manual for Serena C23 Auto climate control (HA) specially wiring circuit ?

  7. Kathyann

    Can I get a workshop manual for a Nissan serena 2022.


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