Lexus GX460/GX470 Owner’s, Service and Repair Manuals PDF

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Lexus GX460 / GX470 with gasoline and diesel engines: owner’s, service and repair manuals in PDF, electrical wiring diagrams and fuses schematics, operating instructions free download

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On the Lexus GX460, you can safely go on a business trip, demonstrating your impeccable taste in the field of technology. In addition, while driving a Lexus, you can rest assured of a high level of ride comfort and safety. You just need to remember about the rules for using and maintaining the machine, and when repairing it, be guided by the advice of professionals. All the most accurate, useful and up-to-date information and recommendations for users in the field of use, maintenance, diagnostics and repair of these machines can be found in the Lexus GX460 / GX470 repair and maintenance manuals.

The proposed manuals will be useful and interesting to everyone who is specifically engaged in the maintenance and repair of these SUVs, as well as to all motorists. These manuals tell about models released since 2009, which are equipped with gasoline or diesel engines with a displacement of 2.7, 4.0, 4.6, 3.0D (2TR-FE / 1GR-FE / 1UR-FE / 5L-E / 1KD-FTV).

The content of the Lexus GX460 / GX470 manuals will be of real benefit to everyone who wants to expand the circle of their automotive knowledge and skills, since the text of the manual itself is informative and easy to learn, moreover, it is accompanied by drawings and the necessary comments to them. Among the important points that cannot be ignored in the reading process is the chapter on precautions when driving and repairing an SUV, as well as useful tips for craftsmen and drivers available in the manual. In addition, the key questions include a detailed overview of the construction of the Lexus GX with a story about all its components, as well as a complete user manual for the Lexus GX460 / Lexus  GX470. After these chapters, it is logical to move on to information on vehicle maintenance, since in this guide the topic of maintenance is disclosed as clearly and fully as possible.

For specialists, as well as all users who want to control and, if necessary, repair electrical equipment, the manual contains all Lexus GX460 / GX470 wiring diagrams in color.

The manuals clearly and fully describe the algorithms for troubleshooting the engine, steering, braking system, gearbox, as well as headlights, tires and wheels and other important components of Lexus GX460 / GX470 SUVs.

Lexus GX background information

Lexus GX is a medium-sized premium SUV from the Japanese company Lexus. The first generation (GX 470) debuted in 2002 at the NAIAS Motor Show in Detroit. The GX uses the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado platform, which is also the basis for the Toyota 4Runner and Toyota FJ Cruiser. In the model range, the Lexus GX is located between the Lexus RX crossover and the full-size Lexus LX SUV.

In November 2009, the second generation GX debuted at the Guangzhou Motor Show, receiving a digital index of 460 instead of 470.

The first generation

The new Lexus GX SUV premiered in 2002 at the Detroit Auto Show. The car is built on a completely new platform. Inherited from the Toyota Land Cruiser 100 all-wheel drive system and automatic transmission with reduced gear. Height-adjustable suspension AVS, was offered as standard equipment. On the off-road, the driver can lift the body up at the touch of a button. On asphalt, with increasing speed, the car presses itself more tightly to the road. Equipped with a 4.7-liter V8 engine, the only power unit for this model. Thanks to him, the first generation Lexus GX has become one of the fastest and most dynamic models in its class.

The second generation

The second-generation Lexus GX 460 was first introduced in the Chinese city of Guangzhou in November 2009.

In autumn 2013, the model was updated, changing the appearance and equipment.

In 2016, a completely updated model was launched on the market, for example, as a new interior color was added sepia, which is combined with black trim, also added a navigation system “Lexus Enform App Suite”. Three levels of equipment are available for the 2016 model: Base, Premium and Luxury. For a long time, the main competitors of the Lexus GX are the BMW X5, Acura MDX, Infiniti QX60 and Audi Q7.

Lexus GX 460 Owner's Workshop Manuals PDF

Lexus GX 460

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