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Hyundai Getz Repair Manual, as well as the operation, maintenance  manuals for Hyundai Getz since 2002, as well as a restyled version of 2005. The model is equipped with gasoline engines G4HD (1.1 liters), G4EA (1.3 liters), G4EE (1.4 liters) and G4ED (1.6 liters).

Title File Size Download Link
Hyundai Getz 2002 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 4.9Mb Download
Hyundai Getz 2002 Service Manual.rar – The manual in Russian on operation, maintenance and repair of a Hyundai Getz car since 2002 of release with gasoline engines. 51.2Mb Download
Hyundai Getz 2003 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 12.9Mb Download
Hyundai Getz 2004 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 11.2Mb Download
Hyundai Getz 2005 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 11.2Mb Download
Hyundai Getz 2006 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 11.2Mb Download
Hyundai Getz 2007 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 11.1Mb Download
Hyundai Getz 2008 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 9.2Mb Download
Hyundai Getz 2009 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 7.8Mb Download
Hyundai Getz 2010 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 7.8Mb Download
Hyundai Getz 2011 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 20.3Mb Download
Hyundai Getz Body Electrical Wiring Diagrams.pdf 3.6Mb Download
Hyundai Getz Body Repair Manual.pdf – English manual for body repair car Hyundai Getz. 3.7Mb Download
Hyundai Getz Service Repair Manual.rar – Manual in Russian on maintenance and repair of a Hyundai Getz car. 19.3Mb Download

This manual includes a Hyundai Getz repair manual, detailed information on car maintenance and troubleshooting, repair and adjustment of engine systems (including fuel injection, ignition, starting and charging systems), tips for adjusting and repairing manual gearboxes and automatic transmissions, brake elements Hyundai Getz systems (including ABS and EBD), Hyundai Getz steering systems (including an electric power steering model) and suspensions.

Useful tips on the use of self-diagnosis of the SUD (engine management system), ABS (anti-lock braking system), automatic transmission, EPS (electric power steering) and SRS system, the procedure for checking Hyundai Getz parameters in the connectors of electronic control units of various systems are given.

The manual also lists possible Hyundai Getz malfunctions and explores methods for resolving identified problems. There is the necessary data on the mating sizes of the main parts of the Hyundai Getz, the limits of their allowable wear are considered, the lubricants recommended in operation and working fluids are presented.

Such detailed auto literature can significantly facilitate the life of the user during the repair and maintenance of equipment in the garage, and it can also happen to become indispensable for him in road conditions, namely in moments when, apart from such an auto book, you still don’t have to wait for proper support from anywhere else. The brochure helps you find the right parts for your Hyundai Getz.

On the first pages of the manual publishers placed the manual Hyundai Getz. Important information for all drivers on the implementation of self-service procedures, which is recommended to be carried out regularly, Hyundai Getz catalogue numbers, description and procedures for checking Hyundai Getz electrical components, wiring diagrams of Hyundai Getz, including the model since 2005, can be found in separate chapters of this edition.

The proposed manual is intended to help out in unpleasant moments those who are going to soon buy or already own a Hyundai Getz car. In many cases, it will now become possible to independently carry out repair operations with the help of the manual and there will be no need to go to the Hyundai specialized service stations for diagnostics and subsequent repairs or disturb once again with the call of a techie friend.

Also, the manual will be useful to the mechanics of car workshops, car service employees, maintenance stations, repair shops and many other professional repairmen, whose main task is the comprehensive maintenance of passenger vehicles, and who will always be happy to resort to the help of an excellent car book, which can greatly facilitate their work.

Hyundai Getz service manual

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