Honda Element Owner’s, Repair and Service Manuals PDF

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Honda Element 2WD and 4WD with a gasoline engine: repair manual, wiring diagrams, operating instructions, maintenance and owner’s manuals, service manuals – free download PDF.

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Honda Element Service Manuals PDF

Title Download Links File Size
Advanced Diagnosis [PDF] Download 2.5Mb
Airbags [PDF] Download 21Mb
Airbags [PDF] Download 2.7Mb
Audio [PDF] Download 792.3kb
Auto Transmission [PDF] Download 7.8Mb
Axle [PDF] Download 1Mb
Brakes [PDF] Download 1021.9kb
Bumpers [PDF] Download 167kb
Cabin Air Filter [PDF] Download 186kb
Charging System [PDF] Download 461.4kb
Clutch [PDF] Download 494.8kb
Connectors Harnesses [PDF] Download 960.8kb
Console [PDF] Download 218.5kb
Cooling Fans [PDF] Download 127.4kb
Cooling System [PDF] Download 461.9kb
Cruise Control [PDF] Download 185kb
Cylinder Head [PDF] Download 1.6Mb
Dashboard [PDF] Download 317.6kb
Defogger [PDF] Download 83.6kb
Doors [PDF] Download 746.5kb
Electrical Component Locations [PDF] Download 57.7Mb
Electrical Component Locator [PDF] Download 58.9Mb
Electronic Throttle [PDF] Download 527.5kb
Engine Assembly [PDF] Download 8Mb
Engine Assembly [PDF] Download 810.4kb
Engine Block [PDF] Download 10.3Mb
Engine Block [PDF] Download 731.7kb
Engine Lube [PDF] Download 462.2kb
Engine Lubrication [PDF] Download 5Mb
Evap [PDF] Download 509.9kb
Evap System [PDF] Download 9.8Mb
Exterior Lights [PDF] Download 3.8Mb
Exterior Lights [PDF] Download 681.3kb
Exterior Trim [PDF] Download 496.1kb
Fenderwell [PDF] Download 92.6kb
Frame [PDF] Download 978.5kb
Frame [PDF] Download 230.7kb
Front Suspension [PDF] Download 5.8Mb
Front Suspension [PDF] Download 538.5kb
Fuel And Emission System [PDF] Download 1.1Mb
Fuel Supply [PDF] Download 618.8kb
Fuel Supply System [PDF] Download 7.6Mb
Fuses [PDF] Download 699.1kb
Fuses [PDF] Download 57kb
Gages [PDF] Download 407.1kb
General Troubleshooting [PDF] Download 143kb
Honda Trouble Codes [PDF] Download 249.7kb
Horns [PDF] Download 898.8kb
Horns [PDF] Download 87.4kb
Hvac [PDF] Download 5.2Mb
Hvac [PDF] Download 1.2Mb
Idle Control [PDF] Download 151.5kb
Ignition [PDF] Download 172.8kb
Ignition Switch [PDF] Download 364.9kb
Ignition System [PDF] Download 1.3Mb
Intake [PDF] Download 243kb
Intake Exhaust [PDF] Download 416.6kb
Intake-Exhaust System [PDF] Download 2.7Mb
Interior Trim [PDF] Download 3.6Mb
Interior Trim [PDF] Download 509.2kb
Keyless Door Locks [PDF] Download 3.9Mb
Keyless Power Door Locks [PDF] Download 254.4kb
Maintenance [PDF] Download 100.3kb
Maintenance Reminder Light [PDF] Download 180.9kb
Manual Transmission [PDF] Download 31.8Mb
Manual Transmission [PDF] Download 2.3Mb
Mirrors [PDF] Download 95.6kb
Owners Manual [PDF] Download 5Mb
Pcv [PDF] Download 69.8kb
Pgm-Fi System [PDF] Download 1.6Mb
Power Mirror [PDF] Download 151.1kb
Power Mirrors [PDF] Download 2Mb
Power Steering [PDF] Download 21.1Mb
Power Windows [PDF] Download 2.3Mb
Rear Differential [PDF] Download 9.9Mb
Rear Differential [PDF] Download 840.7kb
Rear Suspension [PDF] Download 5.6Mb
Rear Suspension [PDF] Download 437.6kb
Seats [PDF] Download 6.8Mb
Seats [PDF] Download 594.5kb
Skylight [PDF] Download 169.5kb
Specs [PDF] Download 178.2kb
Starter [PDF] Download 2.3Mb
Starter [PDF] Download 306.6kb
Steering [PDF] Download 1.7Mb
Tailgate [PDF] Download 73.5kb
Tire Monitoring [PDF] Download 442.2kb
Trouble Code Index [PDF] Download 44.4kb
Vsa [PDF] Download 847.1kb
Vtec [PDF] Download 310.4kb
Wiper Washer [PDF] Download 4.1Mb
Wiper Washer [PDF] Download 407.1kb
Wiring [PDF] Download 9.8Mb
Wiring [PDF] Download 1.7Mb

Honda Element Owner’s Manuals PDF

Title Download Links File Size
Honda Element 2003 Owner’s Manual [PDF] Download 4.1Mb
Honda Element 2004 Owner’s Manual [PDF] Download 6Mb
Honda Element 2005 Owner’s Manual [PDF] Download 3.3Mb
Honda Element 2006 Owner’s Manual [PDF] Download 3.2Mb
Honda Element 2007 Owner’s Manual [PDF] Download 4.2Mb
Honda Element 2008 Owner’s Manual [PDF] Download 5.7Mb
Honda Element 2009 Owner’s Manual [PDF] Download 18.9Mb
Honda Element 2010 Owner’s Manual [PDF] Download 5.8Mb

Manual for the repair, maintenance and operation of front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive Honda Element cars from 2003, equipped with a K24A gasoline engine (2.4 liters).

The Honda Element service and repair manual contains detailed information on the repair and adjustment of elements of the control system for gasoline engines, variable valve timing systems (VTC) and valve lift systems (VTEC), automatic transmissions, instructions for using self-diagnostics of the engine management system, automatic transmission and ABS, recommendations for adjusting and repairing mechanical and automatic transmissions, brake system elements (including ABS), steering, suspension and DPS system (all-wheel drive connection system).

The procedures for checking, adjusting and maintaining the automatic transmission and ABS (anti-lock braking system), VTEC and VTC systems are discussed in detail.

Detailed wiring diagrams of the Honda Element and descriptions of electrical checks on models of various equipment options are presented.

Possible malfunctions and methods of their elimination, mating dimensions of the main parts and limits of their permissible wear, recommended lubricants and working fluids are given.

Honda Element manuals are intended for the owner of this vehicle, service station personnel and repair shops.

Honda Element background information

Honda Element is a compact crossover manufactured by Honda from 2003 to 2011. Official sales began in 2003 in the United States, Canada and Japan.


Element is based on the Honda CR-V, but in a completely different, cubic concept of body design. It is shorter by 30 mm, the wheelbase is reduced by 43 mm, higher by 198 mm and the track of the front wheels of the mouth by 43 mm.

The Element is equipped with a four-cylinder Honda K engine with a capacity of 2.4 liters K24A4 i-VTEC, 166 hp. (119 kW) at 5500 rpm, and torque of 218 Nm at 4500 rpm. Engines of the same type are installed on Honda Accord and Honda CR-V.

Used chassis from CR-V has undergone a major upgrade, and since the Element does not have a central rack, it has reinforced connections, sills, installed additional stiffeners (five on each side), including the rear door.

Element was available with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive hydromechanical transmission DPS (dual pump system). Has options with both manual and automatic transmission.

Honda Element Service, Repair and Owner's Manuals PDF

Honda Element

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