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Fiat Siena (since 1998) with gasoline and diesel engines: manuals for repair and maintenance, owner’s manuals, electrical wiring diagrams, operating instructions PDF free download

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This Italian compact sedan has a number of universally recognized advantages, such as high ground clearance, galvanized body, roomy trunk, economical fuel consumption. In addition, the car looks very attractive, it is perfect for conquering congested city highways and long trips to other cities. So the owners of Fiat Siena can only be envied, although until recently, the car still had one drawback – it was the lack of printed manuals for the operation, maintenance and repair of equipment. Fortunately, this situation has been completely corrected, since the Fiat Siena repair manual, which contains all the necessary information not only regarding the repair of the car, but also the use, maintenance, adjustment, can be downloaded from this website.

A good manual is able to get rid of controversial situations on the road or in the workshop, both a motorist and a professional craftsman. In this manual, Fiat Siena models are presented since 1998, they are equipped with gasoline engines of various capacities with a working volume of 1.2; 1.4; 1.6 liters. There is also a complete set with a 1.3-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 70 horsepower.

The service manual contains information on safety when working with Fiat Siena, a lot of useful instructions and tips that sooner than later will be in demand in the process of handling the car. There is no doubt that the Fiat Siena design overview, spanning several pages, will be an excellent guide for beginners, as well as the detailed Fiat Siena owner’s manual, which gives a clear and complete picture of the car as a whole. There is also information on the maintenance of Fiat Siena in this manual, so that any preventive work can be carried out independently, taking into account the regulations and the list of necessary tools for their implementation.

It is difficult for connoisseurs to overestimate the importance of such a topic as the electrical equipment of the car, especially since this manual contains all the electrical circuits of the Fiat Siena. Repair is a separate conversation, it is the diagnosis and repair of Fiat that most of the pages of this manual are devoted to. With detailed, illustrated instructions, even a novice professional or car enthusiast will be able to achieve good results. All common and not very common breakdowns are presented in the form of specific algorithms for their identification and prompt subsequent elimination in accordance with all the rules.

Fiat Siena background information

Fiat Siena is a small supermini class car manufactured by the Italian manufacturer Fiat, manufactured since 1996.

The first generation

Siena’s first generation is a four-door version of the Fiat Palio in a sedan body specifically designed for developing countries. It was first introduced in South America, and was manufactured in various countries around the world. In Europe, a similar car was developed on the basis of the same platform called Fiat Albea.

The sedan is based on the platform of the first generation Fiat Punto model with its McPherson struts at the front and a beam that twists at the rear.

Siena was one of the most popular sedans in Brazil.

The second generation

In 2012, in South America, Fiat released the second generation Siena (type 326), called Grand Siena, since 2015 in Mexico, this model is called Dodge Vision, because production of the previous generation was still ongoing.

The new generation platform is taken from the new Palio, but with a longer wheelbase. The exterior design is different from the new Palio and was inspired by the Fiat Bravo, while the rear design was derived from the Fiat Linea. The interior is the same as that used in the Palio, with specific details.

The Grand Siena is larger than its predecessor, but smaller than the Fiat Linea. It is equipped with a new 1.6-liter Fiat E.torq flexy fuel engine with 115 hp, or a smaller 1.4 16V Fire EVO Tetrafuel with 85 hp. MacPherson strut front suspension uses a new type of torsion bar.

Production of Grand Siena began in 2012, initially at the Betim plant in Brazil. Grand Siena is sold in South America and Mexico (since 2015 as Dodge Vision). In 2018, production of the engine 1.4 Fire Evo flex and 1.6 E.torq flex ceased, the only available engine is the 1.0 Fire Evo flex.

Fiat Siena Owner's Maintenance Manuals PDF

Fiat Siena

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