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Fiat Sedici (since 2006) with gasoline and diesel engines: owner’s, repair and maintenance manuals, wiring diagrams, operating instructions PDF free download

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The most important thing after buying a car largely depends on its owner – whether he complies with safety standards, whether he remembers the schedule and procedures for car maintenance, whether he neglects repairs. There is a Fiat Sedici repair manual for all drivers who want to learn as much as possible about their car and apply new knowledge to their advantage, as well as service station employees and auto repair shops who are not indifferent to the results of their work. The manuals also pay attention to the correct operation and maintenance of these cars, produced since 2006 and running on 1.6 liter gasoline engines (М16А, DOHC).

Due to the accessible level of presentation of the material, these guides will be equally useful and interesting to both beginners and experienced motorists.

In the first section, the reader is offered theoretical information in which it is necessary to navigate everyone who gets behind the wheel. so, the entire device of the car, its units, assemblies, systems and devices is considered in detail – their location, purpose, technical parameters are indicated.

There is also an owner’s manual for Fiat Sedici, in which the user can always find the answer to any question related to the use of the car, its working potential, passport data.

A separate chapter describes all the procedures for car maintenance, their schedule. There is a list of materials and tools required for preventive checks.

The second part of the manual contains clear, richly illustrated, step-by-step instructions for diagnosing and repairing a car, including even intermediate steps. So this manual can become a real assistant for a driver of any skill level, if the car, for example, breaks down while driving, and the nearest car service is very far away. In addition, diagnostics and repair of a car on their own will cost the driver less than similar work in a car service.

Detailed wiring diagrams Fiat Sedici will help you in the best way to understand the device of the car’s electrical equipment and, if necessary, make adjustments or repairs. Thus, the car enthusiast will be able, with the help of universal tools, to competently assemble or disassemble, configure, lubricate, replace and actually repair all the main components of the car.

The manual describes in detail all types of work with the engine, steering, braking system, chassis, suspension, gearbox, as well as bodywork, tires, wheels, etc. But even if the car broke down in earnest, and major repairs cannot be avoided, then in this case the motorist will be able to glean from the manual all the information about how this or that repair problem will be solved. This will help him discuss the plan for the upcoming work with the masters and not overpay for unnecessary services.

Fiat Sedici background information

Fiat Sedici is a passenger car (SUV). A joint development of the Italian automaker Fiat and the Japanese Suzuki (called Suzuki SX4). Manufactured since 2006 with a hatchback body. In addition to the front-wheel drive version, there is also all-wheel drive. The name of the car from the Italian language translates as “sixteen”. The main competitors of the car are: Nissan Qashqai, Suzuki SX4 Hatchback and Skoda Yeti.

The appearance of the car is quite unusual, and all thanks to a kind of “fanged” radiator grille, which remotely resembles a Fiat Croma and broken headlights “boomerang”. The exterior of Fiat Sedici was designed by the famous studio ItalDesign, headed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. The body of the crossover has a wedge-shaped shape with a broken window sill line, muscular front wings and clearly delineated rear racks. Sedichi is decorated with a plastic body kit around the perimeter of the body, which makes it more attractive. The car is equipped with 16-inch wheels. Dimensions of Sedici are equal: length – 4115 mm, width – 1755 mm, height – 1621 mm, wheelbase – 2499 mm.

Fiat Sedici Owner's Workshop Manual PDF

Fiat Sedici

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