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Fiat Multipla (1999-2004) with gasoline and diesel engines – owner’s, repair and maintenance manuals, electrical wiring diagrams, operating instructions PDF free download

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Maintenance and service manual for the repair and operation of Fiat Multipla cars since 1999, including restyling 2004, with gasoline engines with a working volume of 1.6 liters. and diesel engines with a working volume of 1.9 liters.

The unusual avant-garde appearance of the Italian Fiat Multipla is surprising. Functional, roomy, practical with excellent visibility, the Fiat Multipla looks like a two-story. It is quite powerful, with excellent dynamics and a fairly economical car. If you are not afraid to look special, breaking out of the ordinary, then this car is for you. The restyled model, released in 2004, has undergone external changes, having lost the image that shocked many with its originality.

Learn more, get to know in detail the device, quality characteristics and capabilities of Fiat Multipla, you will be helped by the operating manual. It can be your only assistant in difficult situations, when, for example, your Fiat Multipla is frozen on the road, and there is not a soul around. As you know, you cannot find services far from cities. But there is no reason for despair either. After all, the operating instructions describe in detail all possible breakdowns that can occur on the road with Fiat Multipla. How to fix them is described in detail. The book is compiled on the basis of the experience of professionals, supplied with detailed drawings accompanying each described operation. Because of this, you simply cannot have problems with fault diagnosis and repair.

The workshop manual for Fiat Multipla will thoroughly introduce you to petrol units, 1.6 displacement, designed for 103 Hp and a 1.9 displacement diesel engine with 115 horsepower. In view of this, you will cope with the setup and adjustment, disassembly and assembly of these power units.

In the manual presented by Fiat Multipla, you can easily find a description of control units, clutches, gearboxes, ignition, running gear, gaskets, brake system, as well as power supply, air conditioning, exhaust gases, etc.

The Fiat Multipla repair manual perfectly describes all the operations to keep your pet in perfect order. You will be able to timely fix not only minor problems, but also more serious problems. The recommended manual describes in detail the repair work of the body, wheels and tires.

Detailed wiring diagrams of Fiat Multipla units and electrical equipment are provided. The operations for the removal and installation of mechanisms and assemblies of the minivan are undersigned. In view of this, you will not have any difficulties with the repair of your swallow, even if you decided to perform it for the first time.

Fiat Multipla background information

Fiat Multipla (type 186) is a compact van of the Italian company Fiat, produced from 1998 to 2010. Based on the Fiat Brava platform. Features of the car are its width and the presence of three front seats. Subsequently, such a scheme was applied to the Honda FR-V.

The name “Multipla” was used by Fiat not for the first time. Earlier it was called one of the modifications of the Fiat 600.

In mid-2004, the car was upgraded – the controversial exterior design was replaced by a more familiar.

A total of 344,841 compact cars were manufactured in Italy and 25,036 Zotye M300 Langyue cars in China.

Fiat Multipla Owner's Workshop Manuals PDF

Fiat Multipla

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