Citroen CX Owner’s Workshop Manuals PDF

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Citroen CX (1974-1991) with gasoline and diesel engines: workshop repair and service manuals, operating instructions, owner’s manuals, wiring diagrams free download PDF

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Citroën CX is a car manufactured by the French automaker Citroën, manufactured from 1974 to 1991. A total of 1,170,645 Citroën CX cars have been sold in 16 years. In 1975, the CX was named European Car of the Year. The name CX is the French equivalent of the abbreviation Cx to denote the drag coefficient in English, referring to the aerodynamic design of the car, which was a rarity in 1974. Cx of this model was equal to 0.37.

Some enthusiasts called it the last “real Citroën”, as, after the release of this model in 1976, another French carmaker – Peugeot merged with Citroën in PSA. The CX also became the last successful car in the Big Citroën series, which began in 1934.

The CX uses a unique hydropneumatic self-aligning suspension system.

The CX was available in three versions – fastback, station wagon and extended fastback (with an increased wheelbase) based on the station wagon.

Citroën CX Workshop Repair Manuals PDF

Citroën CX

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