Citroen Berlingo Owner’s & Service Repair Manuals PDF

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Download more than 60 Citroen Berlingo manuals in PDF: workshop, repair, service and owner’s manuals, wiring diagrams and fuses diagrams.

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Workshop Repair and service manuals for Citroen Berlingo

Title File Size Download Links
Citroen Berlingo – Manual de Taller (Workshop Manual) [PDF] 39.3Mb Download
Citroen Berlingo (2008 – 2011) – fuse box diagram [PDF] 167kb Download
Citroen Berlingo 1996-2005 Workshop Manual [RAR] 88.8Mb Download
Citroen Berlingo 2002 Repair Manual [PDF] 31.9Mb Download
Citroen Berlingo II Multispace (2008) – fuse box diagram [PDF] 187.2kb Download

Owner’s manuals for Citroen Berlingo

Title File Size Download Links
Citroën Berlingo 2008 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 3.1Mb Download
Citroën Berlingo 2009 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 6.2Mb Download
Citroën Berlingo 2010 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 6.7Mb Download
Citroën Berlingo 2011 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 6.3Mb Download
Citroën Berlingo 2012 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 6.7Mb Download
Citroën Berlingo 2013 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 7.6Mb Download
Citroën Berlingo 2014 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 13.4Mb Download
Citroën Berlingo 2015 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 10.5Mb Download
Citroën Berlingo 2016 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 8.4Mb Download
Citroën Berlingo 2017 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 8.6Mb Download
Citroën Berlingo 2018 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 9.2Mb Download
Citroën Berlingo 2019 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 9Mb Download
Citroën Berlingo 2020 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 7.8Mb Download
Citroën Berlingo 2021 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 4.6Mb Download
Citroen Berlingo Dag 2011 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 6.9Mb Download

Citroen Berlingo First

Title File Size Download Links
Citroen Berlingo First 2008 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 1.6Mb Download
Citroen Berlingo First 2009 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 2.8Mb Download
Citroen Berlingo First 2010 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 2.8Mb Download
Citroen Berlingo First 2011 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 5.7Mb Download
Citroen Berlingo First 2012 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 3.7Mb Download
Citroen Berlingo First Owner’s Manuals [RAR] 1.9Mb Download

Citroen Berlingo Multispace

Title File Size Download Links
Citroen Berlingo Multispace 2008 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 3.3Mb Download
Citroen Berlingo Multispace 2009 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 6.6Mb Download
Citroen Berlingo Multispace 2010 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 7.2Mb Download
Citroen Berlingo Multispace 2011 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 7.2Mb Download
Citroen Berlingo Multispace 2012 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 7.5Mb Download
Citroen Berlingo Multispace 2013 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 8.9Mb Download
Citroen Berlingo Multispace 2014 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 13.4Mb Download
Citroen Berlingo Multispace 2015 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 12.7Mb Download
Citroen Berlingo Multispace 2016 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 10.4Mb Download
Citroen Berlingo Multispace 2017 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 10.2Mb Download
Citroën Berlingo Multispace 2021 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 4.6Mb Download

Citroën Berlingo Van

Title File Size Download Links
Citroën Berlingo Van 2018 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 8.8Mb Download
Citroën Berlingo Van 2019 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 9.1Mb Download
Citroën Berlingo Van 2020 Owner’s Manual [PDF] 7.5Mb Download

The new manual is about a beautiful, roomy vehicle that is designed to solve a variety of tasks – from transporting small-sized loads to family travel. In any case, this quality machine of French origin can be relied on even in the most difficult situations.

For the characteristics declared by the manufacturer to be able to prove themselves in practice, the driver must competently handle his iron partner, do not forget about regular maintenance of the car and, if such a need arises, immediately repair the vehicle.

The presented Citroen Berlingo repair manual will provide the driver with a long service life of the car without any serious problems, and the service station or car service worker will be able to perform their tasks quickly, competently and efficiently, taking into account safety precautions during repairs.

In addition, the manual covers the topics of correct operation and maintenance of Citroen Berlingo, produced from 1996 to 2020. Models of cars equipped with gasoline engines with a working volume of 1.1 litres, 1.4 litres and 1.6 litres, as well as diesel engines with a working volume of 1.6 litres, 1.9 litres and 2.0 litres are considered.

Citroen Berlingo manuals have incorporated the freshest, proven, and most importantly, popular information, which can be successfully used in practice by a motorist of any skill level, be it a specialist or a novice driver, for whom this car is the first purchase.

These repair manuals for Citroen Berlingo are provided with a large number of high-quality drawings and photographs that clearly illustrate any position of the main text. Finding any information on a relevant topic in manuals is very quick, since there is a subject index, and a list of abbreviations makes it easier to read.

In the first chapters of the manual, mainly the theoretical information block is revealed. In it, the reader will learn everything about how the Citroen Berlingo works from the outside and the inside, as well as delve into the descriptions of technical characteristics, functions, components of all its units, systems, devices. This information is supplemented by a detailed instruction manual for Citroen Berlingo, which describes the basic provisions for the correct use of the car in various situations. A separate chapter describes the maintenance techniques of the Citroen Berlingo, including all the necessary checks at various intervals, a list of materials and tools required for this work is given.

Citroën Berlingo Background information

The Citroen Berlingo car debuted in 1996, along with its “twin” – the Peugeot Partner model. The car was offered both in a cargo version with a van body with a carrying capacity of about 800 kg and in a passenger version.

The Citroen Berlingo was equipped with 1.4 (75 hp), 1.6 (110 hp) or 1.8 gasoline engines with a capacity of 90 hp. with. There were also several types of diesel: 1.9-liter naturally aspirated (71 hp) and turbocharged 1.6 and 2.0-liter engines with a capacity of 75–90 hp. All cars were equipped with a five-speed manual transmission. The French company Dangel has been making an all-wheel-drive version of the Berlingo since 1999.

In 2002, small-scale production of the electric version began – under the hood of the Berlingo Electrique, there was a 35 hp engine. with., powered by nickel-cadmium batteries.

With the appearance in 2008 of the second generation of the model, the car was renamed Citroen Berlingo First, its production continued until 2010. In total, about 1.2 million cars were made at factories in Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

Citroen Berlingo Service Repair Manuals free download PDF

Citroen Berlingo

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