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Citroen AX 1986 – 1998 Service & Workshop Repair Manuals for free download.

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Citroen Service Repair Manuals

Title File Size Download Links
Citroen AX 1987-1997 Service and Repair Manual [RAR] 196.5Mb Download
Citroen AX GTi by Angelelectro Service Manual [PDF] 52.2Mb Download
Citroen AX Manual Usuario [PDF] 6.4Mb Download
Citroen AX Manual [PDF] 14.5Mb Download
Citroen AX. Instrukcja Obsługi [PDF] 6.3Mb Download
Manual de Taller Citroen Ax 1993 (Workshop Manual) [PDF] 49.6Mb Download

Citroen AX background information

The Citroën AX is a city car designed by the French manufacturer Citroën, produced from 1986 to 1999.

It replaced the Axel and the Citroen Visa in 1988, then the 2CV in 1990.

Produced in 2,561,432 units, the AX is the second most manufactured car by Citroën after the 2CV (1948-1990).

It was also produced under license by automobile manufacturer Proton in Malaysia from 1996 to 2000 and marketed as Tiara1.

The Citroën AX was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 19862. It was the final version of the ZA program – which became COZA from 1980 to 1982 after the introduction and then the withdrawal of a study conducted by Talbot and of the S9 prototype, born in January 1981 as part of a national economy plan launched by the French government in response to the second oil crisis of 1979. Initially, a single-body prototype is envisaged but the public’s mixed reactions during the presentation of a concept car derived from the Eco 2000 lead to favor a more conventional style: 55% of those questioned were hostile to the very concept of a small single-body3.

It is a small, light and aerodynamic 5-seater car (Cx of 0.31, at the time a category record) which was designed with the aim of being easy to live with, economical and inexpensive to produce. and maintenance. The French manufacturer is relying heavily on its new city car to gradually replace some of the brand’s aging models, including the Citroën 2CV and the Citroën Axel, the latter being already doomed to disappear just two years after its release as the failure is categorical and irremediable.

  • Several solutions applied to the creation of the SL 30 vehicle in 1984 were used, a car capable of consuming 3 liters per 100 km at an average of 90 km / h and the culmination of the ECO 2000 program. car and engine optimization.
  • In parallel with the presentation of its new city car, Citroën is exhibiting in Paris a small red roadster derived from the AX, the Xanthia. This concept car with high technological advances4 will never be marketed.
  • Imagined by the advertiser Jacques Séguéla, the first advertising spot of the AX shows it during a crossing of the Chinese wall accompanied by the slogan “Revolutionary” 5.
Citroën AX Service Repair Manual

Citroën AX

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