BMW X5 (F15) Workshop & Owner Manuals PDF

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BMW X5 (F15) with petrol and diesel engines from 2013 – owners manual, repair and maintenance manual, wiring diagrams, operating instructions. Download PDF manual.

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Many manufacturers, developing new models of cars, along with new technologies, are successfully using practical and environmentally friendly power units. Caring for the environment is becoming an urgent task in the automotive world. And proof of this is the updated German crossover BMW F15 from the X5 series. Its powerful four-cylinder engine does a minimum of harm to the environment, besides, the jeep has turned out to be, as they say, fashion – it perfectly underlines the strong character of its owner and his ability to appreciate real quality. A driver who carefully chooses a four-wheel partner is rarely wrong. And he certainly won’t be mistaken if, along with the long-awaited car, he buys a high-quality BMW X5 (F15) repair manual. This manual contains the most accurate and important information related not only to repair the machine, but also competent operation, maintenance, power supply features and many other topics. This manual examines the German BMW crossovers of the specified model, produced since 2013 (third generation). These cars are equipped with gasoline or diesel engines.

BMW X5 F15 Workshop Manual can be recommended as a reliable and comprehensive source of information for car service technicians. It is quite easy to master the manual even for beginners, the main thing is that the reader has a desire to understand the automobile issue that has arisen and successfully practice while driving or in a workshop. The first chapters of the manual are the basis of the theoretical knowledge of every motorist (however, here theory and practice are closely connected). On the pages of the manual, we will see an overview of the design of a German jeep, we will find out how all its elements function; what are the safety rules for handling the machine; how to act in unforeseen situations (for example, if the engine does not start or knocks). The following is a detailed instruction manual for the BMW X5 (F15). This illustrative chapter cannot be ignored if you want to avoid any mistakes in handling your vehicle and get the most out of your vehicle. The power supply of this vehicle may also require repair or adjustment, you may want to make changes to the electrical equipment. The manual contains all the wiring diagrams of the BMW X5 (F15), there are also the necessary explanations.

Here is a little history about BMW X5 (F15)

The third-generation BMW X5 (factory index F15) debuted in the second half of 2013. The new BMW X5 is 100-150 kg lighter than its predecessor, and the engine line-up consists of 2.0-litre (218 hp) and 3.0-liter turbodiesels (258, 313 and 381 hp), as well as 3.0-litre petrol and 4.4 litres with 306 and 450 hp in accordance. Customers also received a hybrid 313-horsepower modification and a variant X5 M with a 580-horsepower twin-engine V8 engine.

In 2016, the design of the BMW X5 was updated, resulting in an easier and more enjoyable ride. The interior of this model has become more elegant, reliable and quiet. In addition, it is also equipped with the latest electronic technology. The finish and interior design of the car are also impeccable. The 2016 BMW X5 has three engine variants: a 3-litre twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine with 300 horsepower, a 3-litre six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with 255 horsepower, a 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine with a capacity of 445 horsepower. Each comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Only the basic six-cylinder engine, dubbed the xDrive, is available with rear-wheel drive. All-wheel drive (xDrive) is an available option for the six-cylinder engine and is included with both the diesel engine and the V8.

BMW X5 (F15) Owners Manual PDF

BMW X5 (F15)

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