Alfa Romeo Giulietta Owner’s and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta owner’s, service, repair and maintenance manuals PDF, electrical wiring diagrams, scheduled maintenance, operating instructions free download

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta background information

Alfa Romeo Giulietta – Class C Huffback. The restyled version of the model debuted in February 2016.

The scheduled update of the appearance of Alfa Romeo Giulietta affected only the front bumper and the radiator grille. Even the optics of the designers of Alpha Romeo did not touch. There was no change in the interior, with the exception of updating the UConnect multimedia system, which has become supported by Facebook, Twitter, Deezer, Tunein, Reuters and TomTom Navigator.

Giulietta is based on the Compact platform, in the development of which the Italians invested 100 million euros. Of the features of the “trolley”, it is possible to note the use of a large amount of aluminum, magnesium alloys and high-strength steels, thanks to which it was possible to make a car light. Only on the front suspension with McPherson racks saved about 4 kg, and on the rear multi-dimensioner even more – about 10 kg.

Separate attention deserves a curious design of the electric power steering. In case of one gear, two are used. One is located directly on the steering shaft and with the rail is connected without any intermediaries, the second is connected to the electromotor of variable performance. Due to such a decision, the transparency of management and good feedback is achieved. In addition, engineers claim that it also helps to save about three percent of fuel per hundred kilometers.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta moves 1,4-liter gasoline engines, outstanding 120, 150 and 170 hp. Power, 1,6-liter diesel unit with 120 hp, as well as a 2-liter diesel engine capable of paying 150 and 175 hp Power. In addition, the velace sports version is available, which has a 1.75-liter 240-hip motor under the hood. Transmissions are available both mechanical and automatic.

By the way, the robotic transmission TCT with a double “dry” clutch is a joint product Fiat, Borg Warner and Magnetti Marelli. With this box, cars of the Concern Fiat (including Alfa Romeo) can be equipped with the “Start Stop” system.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Owner's Workshop Manuals PDF

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

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