1996 – 2003 Mercedes-Benz Vario Service & Repair Manual

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The repair manual contains general information about the Mercedes Vario 1996-2003 and its modifications, recommendations for maintenance, description of possible malfunctions of all engine systems, both with and without turbocharging (up to checking sensors of different systems) of a transmission with a manual transmission , running gear, power steering, brake system with ABS, electrical equipment and body elements.

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Due attention is paid to electronic control systems, including lists of fault codes. Technical advice given in this manual will help to carry out maintenance and make repairs, both at the service station and on its own.

The Mercedes-Benz Vario (T2W factory index, model range BM667 / 668/670) is a car produced by Mercedes-Benz, which was manufactured from 1996 to 2013.

Mercedes-Benz Vario repair manual

Mercedes-Benz Vario

Mercedes-Benz Vario medium-tonnage trucks and buses have replaced the popular T2 model in 1996. The “Vario” minibuses are virtually identical to their predecessors in the “T2” series of the early 1990s – the same frame structure, the same variety of bodies mounted on a chassis of varying lengths. The only difference is the more modern lights and the new decorative grille of the radiator. But compared to the predecessor on the “Vario”, in addition, the 7th series disappeared. Execution is made with a standard or high roof.

The total mass ranges from 4.8 to 7.49 tons, which is offered in numerous designs with a wheel formula of 4×2 or 4×4 and several wheel base sizes (3150-4800 mm). For the Vario range, the following notation is selected:

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